Toronto’s weather and its affect
Toronto is a city known for a lot of different reasons; one of those reasons is its weather. Even though Canada is known to be a country for its really cold weather all year around, Toronto is a bit different; it actually sees a little bit of warm weather in the summers. 


So there is a weather change all year round.  In contrast with the fluctuations in weather there are also fluctuations in the precipitation amount all around. It is natural for a certain amount of dampness to be there in the ground around houses and on the walls. This can adversely affect the integrity of walls and especially as seeping occurs the basement of the house takes all the damage if proper water proofing mechanisms are not in place. So it is very important to get basement waterproofing Toronto

How does waterproofing work?
Even though it sounds like a complex procedure, the entire procedure is fairly simple and does not take a lot of work to deploy.  Even though it is an easy procedure, it is very crucial that all the work is done by highly trained professional with the right type of equipment as even the slightest of mistake can make the entire drainage system useless as it will not work effectively. The system works by lining your basement walls with impermeable membrane that will stop water from seeping into the wall of your basement. Since there is an impermeable membrane the water will need an outflow and that is why weeping tiles are placed to redirect water to proper drainage so that there is no stagnation which can be potential breeding grounds for diseases so it is important that this is taken care of. All of this work is done on the foundation wall as it is the most crucial part of any building. 

The importance of proper water proofing
The basement is a very important part of most houses as it is a very useful space that people use for different reasons. Whatever the reason people might use the basement for, it is very important that it is nice and dry down there. In a city like Toronto where precipitation is common, the compromise of your basement’s integrity is likely. Apart from the fact that it’s the basement, it is also the foundation of your house; the walls of your basement are also the foundation walls of your house, so it is very important that they are protected. Your house is as valuable as the strength of the basement, a house with a weak base is not only valued at a much lower price but is also dangerous as your foundation gets weak, the life of the building becomes shorter and also becomes more susceptible to collapsing in an event of an earthquake or other infrastructure damaging natural disasters. So get your house checked now and make your abode a much safer one!