Jewelry has always been a very important part of the fashion world. Proper use of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets can enhance your style, and in return, the wrong choice in the smallest details can jeopardize all your efforts to have a stylish and appropriate style. Every year, new models of jewelry are introduced to the market. Some models can take a relatively more stable position among the new collections due to their special and controversial designs. 

In other words, it is only special models of jewelry that have been able to achieve significant success and become a permanent member of the jewelry box of many of us around the world. Sterling silver earrings are one of these models. Sterling silver earrings are the latest fashion earrings among many girls due to silver metal's shine and anti-allergic properties. On the other hand, this model of earrings is light and usually fits well with any style.

This article will discuss how to choose a sterling silver earring that fits different factors such as face shape, skin color, etc. So if you are also a fan of this family of silver earrings, we urge you to accompany us to the end of this article.

Consider the shape face

We choose the sterling silver earrings that may make our face appear wide, elongated, fat, or thin. It depends on the fit of the earrings and the shape of the face. So it is better to know the shape of your girl's face from the beginning so that you can make a better choice. You may now ask: So what kind of latest fashion earrings should we choose to match the shape of our girl's face?

Inverted Triangle Shaped Face: If your daughter's forehead is wider than her cheeks and has a small, narrow chin, the shape of her face is called an inverted triangle. It is better to choose earrings that emphasize the cheeks more. That is, it should be located somewhere close to the species. Unique dangle earrings or teardrop-shaped earrings are perfect for your daughter.

Oval Face: In the oval, the width of the forehead and jaw are proportional to each other, and the width of the cheeks is greater than the width of the forehead and jaw. Girls who have an oval face are very lucky because they can use various sterling silver earrings models.

Round Face: A round face is a shape in which both the cheekbones and the jaw and chin are large. The nose should be in the center of the face, and the forehead, cheeks, and chin should be approximately the same distance from the nose. Hanging and long earrings are the best option for round faces.

Heart-Shaped Face: This shape is very similar to an inverted triangle. The difference is that the face of the heart is shorter and has less elongation. Choose unique dangle earrings that widen from top to bottom.

Long and Narrow Face: As the name implies, this shape refers to the forms that, at first glance, their elongation attracts attention. In this case, the ratio of face length to width is higher than other shapes. Faces in which the cheeks are not prominent, and the forehead and chin's length are almost in the same direction. Sterling silver earrings are suitable for girls with long faces, round model.

Diamond Face: If the cheeks' width is wider than the forehead and chin's width, your daughter's face is called a Diamond. In this case, the widest part of the face is the middle part, i.e., the cheeks. Now you can guess what latest fashion earrings are right for this face. Most sterling silver earrings usually match this shape of the face.

Square Face: If the forehead and jaws' width is about the same size and in the same direction, your daughter's face is square. In this case, the protrusion of the cheeks is less noticeable. Rather, the width of the forehead and the angle of the jaws attract attention. Therefore, you should choose sterling silver earrings that stand out in the middle of the face, next to the cheeks. For this purpose, stud earrings and hoops will be a good choice.


Earrings suitable for all skin colors

If your skin color is warm, i.e., it has yellow and peach pigments; it is better to go for gold and copper earrings. Conversely, if you have cold skin with blue and purple pigments, silver earrings will make you more beautiful.

Harmony of earrings model with spirits and lifestyle

What kind of personality does your girl have? Is she a person with a gentle and classic spirit or a person who is passionate and loves the modern urban lifestyle? The type of clothing and style of each person is derived from her spirits. If your girl likes a romantic and elegant style dress, round and curved earrings will make her feel better. Square and triangular earrings, with sharp corners and unique designs, are reminiscent of a modern and vibrant urban lifestyle. For the artistic and creative people interested in new experiences, colorful and glamorous sterling silver earrings are recommended.

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