Welcome to the jewelry class you didn’t know you needed. Earring layering remains a balancing act that lets you style your favorite pieces in new, creative ways that everyone can enjoy. In addition to different piercing placements and earring types, there are also plenty of tips and tricks to help you wear them best. You deserve high-quality, long-lasting pieces you can confidently mix and match. 

Intro to Earring Placements

Ear piercings have evolved from the standard and upper ear lobe piercings into an array of cartilage placements that map the ear's various curvatures. They’ve made the art of earring layering all the more fun and have increased the demand for more options as styles change.

Helixes and Conch  
Your helix is the upper section of the cartilage that acts as the rim or outer edge of your ear. This area can work well with multiple piercings and is commonly used for small hoop earrings. You can also pierce the forward-facing, upper section of the ear closer to the face, known as a forward helix piercing, which is perfect for studs. Conch piercings, another option, are placed in the inner center section of the ear and go through the cartilage at the back of the ear.

The tragus piercing placement is found at the lower flap of the ear in front of the ear canal, typically reserved for a single earring. It’s important to note that piercings in general, particularly cartilage piercings, do not have to have a matching placement on the other ear and can stand alone, depending on your preference.

Daith piercings are placed at the ear’s deepest inner cartilage fold. They’re a great place for a hoop or drop earring, which can act as a central location for larger pieces. Be sure that you seek out a professional for any ear piercings and use the proper items for your initial piercing to ensure optimal healing before you start switching out different ones.

A rook piercing is a vertical placement at the upper ridge of the inner ear. If you like this section, consider an industrial option, like a double piercing that runs through two points of the ear's upper curve, for a trendy and rebellious look.


Independent Study: Finding High-Quality Earrings  

Now that you understand some of the primary piercings, it’s time to start your search for high-quality earrings to adorn your ear with that are sure to make a statement. Seeking out thoughtfully sourced, consciously crafted pieces is essential for finding earrings that are well made and will stand the test of time.

Thoughtfully Sourced Metals  
The fine jewelry shop you support should use environmentally conscious sourcing techniques and manufacturing processes. Seek out a brand that strives to make a positive social and environmental impact by using gold that’s recycled or responsibly mined. Precious metals like 14k gold, 18k gold vermeil, and sterling silver are all excellent materials to look for on your search for earrings that can keep their luster and stand the test of time when properly cared for. 

Genuine Diamonds and Gemstones
Whether you like your hoops gold or silver, you might consider adding more color or sparkle to your combination of earrings. Diamonds are everyone’s best friend—but be sure that the jewelry company responsibly and ethically sources each one. Also ensure that their gemstones are genuine and that their pearls are cultured and come from oysters or freshwater mussels. 

Earring Staples 101 

Just as you have that gold bracelet or diamond ring you never leave your home without, there are also earring staples that you absolutely need in your collection for endless styling. 

Everyone needs a pair of studs or go-to single studs that they can rely on at all times, so find a design that matches your style best. Consider dependable diamond studs in your preferred cut, or opt for your favorite gemstones like garnet or quartz. Go for unique designs like thumbtack studs or cosmic star shapes that you can switch out easily depending on the season, occasion, or your mood. 

Small Hoop Earrings
Hoops are a great way to start expanding how you style your earrings—and small hoop earrings are a must. Seek out a simple silhouette handcrafted with 14k gold for a lightweight design you can wear alone or alongside other earrings. Add a pair of drop earrings to your collection for an extra must-have you can dress up and down for all occasions. 

Advanced Layering 202

Now that you know the basics and what to gather for your own collection of high-quality earrings, it’s time to get creative. Start trying new combinations and experiment with layering. While there are several tips and tricks for stacking, there is also plenty of room for personal exploration as you define your own signature style.

Single Earrings 
Investing in single earrings can be a fun way to change up your aesthetic. Try a single bar stud or a hoop for when you want to switch things up. A good rule of thumb for layering could be to start with a larger design at the earlobe, like your small hoop earrings, and to decrease the earrings’ size as you move up your ear. However, this isn’t painting by numbers, so feel free to try new styles as you build the earring rotation that helps you best celebrate your personal style. 

Finding Balance
As you start using color, shape, and size to your advantage for earring layering, you might consider how your earrings interact with or complement your other pieces like bracelets, necklaces, and rings. You can match your earrings with your other fine jewelry favorites through metal color, diamonds, or gemstones to tie your overall look together. If you want your earrings to take center stage, you might use more subtle pieces elsewhere or limit your other pieces and opt for statement earrings that are bold and refuse to go unnoticed. 

About Mejuri 


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