Streetwear is always in fashion. It doesn’t matter how much the broad definition of streetwear changes over time: those kicks will always be cool. One problem the entire clothing ‘genre’ has though is that it tends to make you look a little…erm… high school. For this reason, we put together this guide to wearing  streetwear like a boss… instead of like a 16 year old.

So what are our top 7 ways to wear streetwear without looking juvenile? Here we go!

The Best 7 Streetwear Style Tips

To wear streetwear like a grown-up, we at the streetwear store, Lucre have the following high fashion tips!

1 – Pay Attention to Branding

Certain brands represent certain styles. Some of them look younger than others. Teaching Men’s Fashion count this as their top way to start wearing streetwear like a grownup. You only need to look at the differences between ‘Life’s a Beach’ and ‘Adidas’ to know there is a difference.

2 – It’s a Generational Thing

Regardless of who you are and what you do, there will be judgement if you get the style wrong. Think of Tony Hawk, the pro skater. Although he was revered by the younger generation in the early 00’s, he was called a bum by the older ones. Our point is that some folk will judge. They are best left ignored.

3 – Choose Lux

Deluxe fabrics are much better than cheap looking ones, for obvious reasons. Fashion Beans suggest that you make sure your fabrics look rich and full. Softer, more luxurious fabrics also add a distinctly grown up feel to a streetwear look.

4 – Don’t Do Baggy

Avoid it like the plague. Having your pants halfway down your butt looks terrible and will only make you look like mutton-dressed-as-lamb. Loose clothing, on the other hand, is often more flattering than tight clothing.

5 – No Bright White shoes?

Nothing says ‘youthful’ like a pair of bright white sneakers. We would say that avoiding anything pristinely white is a good idea for a grown up. Weirdly, there is a whole psychological meaning behind each colour that you wear. In television, for example, ‘older’ characters are typically dressed in dark colours. Younger characters tend to wear lighter colours.

Using this algorithm you can work out what you can wear colour-wise to make you seem either older or younger than you are. If you want to look like a grown up in your streetwear then we suggest you stick to darker colours, more muted tones, and even keep to khaki and neutrals.

6 – Key Pieces are a Must

According to Who, What, Wear, you need a few key pieces in your wardrobe as you age if you want to wear streetwear like a grown-up. A blazer will make the wide-necked, active wear top look chic… but still street. Shoes are terrifically important here. Many of our research sources recommend dressing from the feet up.

7 – Simple = Elegant

Simple should be the watch-word you use to choose any streetwear in your older years. If you want to dress like an adult and not a teenager, then simplicity is the key. Keep accoutrements to a minimum, try to avoid street clothing with too many zips, buttons, or clasps, and keep it sleek. Sleek means chic, don’t you know? 

Hopefully now you can get out there and start rocking those street clothes like a boss… and less like you are meant to be in school right now!