Auckland’s coworking scene includes a diverse range of spaces meeting the needs of most businesses, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and just the average, every day free, independent thinker. Birthed by the start-up, the coworking space naturally is a welcome space to the Auckland start-up community. In fact, start-ups venturing into business in the “City of Sails” will find the coworking community provides the traction needed for visibility.

Of the key issues facing new ventures, start-ups are faced with overhead looming over them every month, and unless your venture is funded, leasing space and paying for utilities can shut your business out of valuable resources closer to the CBD. In addition to going virtual, Coworking in Auckland provides your business with the chance to work in some of the nicer areas around town, placing you in proximity to financial centres, and at a much-reduced price. For the start-up, finding space to create, to network, to collaborate, and to grow is not difficult in Auckland’s diverse coworking landscape.
Let’s take a closer look at the coworking landscape in Auckland and how to best utilise it for your start-up.
Start-Up Spaces
Among the many different coworking spaces around, a few have a specific mission, and one of them is helping fledgeling businesses get their start in the city. These spaces typically cater to a population who can benefit from office space that doubles as support. Features of these spaces include having a focus on business development, whether it is hosting events with expert keynote speakers or programmes that create opportunities for new businesses to pair up with experts in the field. These coworking spaces also place emphasis on the social part of the business by providing start-ups with a social events calendar that can encourage even the most reserved business owner to meet the community.
Incubator/Accelerator Programmes
Start-ups can really benefit from incubator/accelerator programmes that are directly involved with showing businesses how to create opportunities for business growth. These programmes essentially walk your business through the steps of establishing itself in the business community. Again, this is a great time to be in a place where making connections to mentors and experts in your field is possible. 
In general, these programmes can be a part of a larger coworking space or can be independent bodies functioning on their own. If part of a larger coworking space, then there is usually a surcharge to participate, but the investment is worth being shown exactly the stuff that increases the likelihood your business will succeed. In any event, incubator programmes provide a cushion, a lot of support, and encouragement for start-ups.
Spaces That Focus On Community
The one thing that all start-ups should look for in a coworking space is one focusing on community. The reason for this is because the members who comprise the space are a part of the larger business community, and this reach is a platform for creating visibility for your own business. Moreover, you are likely to encounter a variety of spaces that define the function of the space. When looking for a space, take a minute to review their event calendar to see what types of activities they have. Spaces that are probably more appropriate for the start-up are those with a good mix of both networking and socially engaging events with a good barbecue or two thrown in there for good measure.
Coworking Auckland
Because of its professional diversity and friendly atmosphere, those starting a business have the benefit of exchanging traditional office space for the socially engaging coworking landscape. This space provides businesses with workspace and the chance to connect with professionals in a dynamic environment. For the start-up, your jump start begins with a membership in the community.