Dry cleaning is a big business, and it can be a little intimidating the first time. Chances are that if you’re searching for “dry cleaning services near me,” then you have some pieces that need special care. Dry cleaning can be a little more involved than just dropping clothes off and picking them up. If you aren’t careful, you can end up paying a pretty penny for someone else to throw your clothes into a large washing machine. 

Dry cleaning services near me involve many services, from pretreating stains to pressing clean fabrics. It’s important to understand which fabrics need dry cleaning and how to find the best “dry cleaning services near me” before dropping off your clothes for the first time. Some companies even pick-up and drop-off services for your convenience. 

Understanding the Process

First, it’s important to understand the dry cleaning process. When searching for “dry cleaning services near me,” it’s important to understand that dry cleaning services aren’t always dry. Many use harsh chemical solvents, which can damage fabrics and shorten their lifespan. Clothes are often washed in these chemical solvents and then steam dried to remove the residues. 

Most dry cleaners use a solvent known as perchloroethylene which is a likely carcinogen that is highly regulated because it damages the environment. The best “dry cleaning services near me” will use a green cleaning process that is highly effective yet gentle on clothes and safe for the environment. You should always ask about the process and the solvents used before deciding on any dry cleaning services near me. 

Avoid Stand Alone Dry Stores

Many times, a dry cleaning location is known as a dry store. That means that they only deal with customer service for drop off and pick up. Your clothes will likely be shipped out to another large factory location for cleaning. This increases the likelihood of garments coming back damaged or not at all. Unfortunately, the staff at these stand-alone locations aren’t as knowledgeable as they probably should be. They may have trouble answering questions about the cleaning process, stain removal, and which garments should be dry cleaned at all. 

When choosing dry cleaning services near me, it’s always best to choose a professional location that cleans the clothes on-site. The staff at these locations typically participate in the cleaning process, so they are knowledgeable enough to answer specific questions. You can rest assured that the garments that need special attention will be treated delicately and come back in the best shape possible.

Separate Extra Care Garments

There are some garments that almost always require extra care. For instance, garments that are 100 percent silk or lace can be delicate and should be separated from other pieces. Garments with special decorative buttons or other pieces often require extra care to ensure they come back in the best shape. You should always sift through your garments and look for stains that may require extra attention. If you know what these stains are, it can help to label them. These stains and other extra care pieces should be pointed out to the dry cleaning staff when you drop your clothing off.

Know Which Pieces Need Dry Cleaning

The best place to check for garment care directions is on the tag. Some pieces may say ‘dry clean only’ while others just say ‘dry clean’ making it a little confusing. Most velvet, wool, and silk items almost always need to be dry cleaned along with many blended materials. Fabrics such as cashmere and acrylic can often be hand washed at home, but many find it easier to take these delegates to the dry cleaners.

If you can find a green cleaner who doesn’t use harsh solvents when searching for dry cleaning services near me, then you have a lot more options as far as what can go to the dry cleaners. Some dry cleaning services near me also offer wash and fold services allowing you to send most of your laundry out to be handled. This just offers busy families with hectic schedules more options, often making things easier. 

Find the Best Dry Cleaning Services Near Me

Searching for the best dry cleaning services near me can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. Just make sure you understand a little bit about the dry cleaning process so you can avoid the stand alone dry stores who only ship your garments out to a large factory for cleaning. Read the tags on your clothing so you know which pieces must be dry cleaned and which are optional. If you have questions, you can always ask the dry cleaning staff. Take the time to separate extra care garments and point out any stains or special pieces. If you can find green dry cleaning services near me who don’t use harsh solvents on your clothes, it’ll be better for your family and for the environment.