There is nothing more annoying when your favorite shirt or jeans has a stubborn stain. It can be spilled coffee, food, or any unnoticeable stains that you had no idea were there. It is usual for a NYC laundry service to receive stain removal requests. But, do you know there is an efficient way to remove the stains, and you can do it by yourself?

1. Coffee Stain

Bumped during the morning rush with a coffee on hand is the most annoying part of the day. What’s more unlucky is if spilled on your work clothes. If you experience this, do not get worked up. Since you cannot bring your work clothes to a laundry service nearby, use this technique instead.

Mix laundry detergent, water, and distilled white vinegar, and stir it well. Once the consistency resembles a toothpaste, you can rub it on the stained area in a circular motion. Rinse your clothes under cold water and laundry them based on their wash label.

2. Food (Sauce, Grease) Stain

It is quite predictable for ketchup or any sauce to stain your clothes. However, it is easy to deal with. You can pre-treat the stained area by running cold water on the back of your shirt. It pushes the stain away from the fabric. Soak your shirt for a few minutes with liquid laundry detergent. 

Repeat the step until you cannot see a pinkish blot stain.

Sauce and grease stains are hard to remove if you do not know the proper way. Do not delay your pre-treat method; the stain might be set on your favorite clothes. 

3. Deodorant (Yellow) Stain

The yellow stains on the underarm portion of your white shirt are the most annoying ones, especially when your deodorant guarantees a stain-free application. If you are bothered with this stain, there is an easy and efficient way to remove it.

Squeeze lemon juice in an equal amount of water. Dab the mixture on the stain to help blot and saturate the stain. Leave your white shirt to dry off. After it is done, wash the shirt according to its label. 

4. Paint Stain

Painting might be your hobby, or your children are going to daycare. Either, either way dealing with paint stain is hard to manage. Use fast-flowing water to agitate the paint stuck on the fiber. When the paint stains are unnoticeable, you can launder your clothes as stated on its care label.

5. Blood Stain

This isn’t fun to deal with. However, it is quite easy to remove this stain. You only have to rinse it under cold water and dab hydrogen peroxide on the stained area. The hydrogen peroxide breaks down the organic material of blood.

Final Takeaway

Stains will always be annoying and unpleasant to the eyes. If you notice a stain on your favorite outfit, follow the care suggestions we mentioned or recommended on its wash care label. Remember, the tip to efficiently removing stubborn stains is to act fast.