In today's market, there are many general transcription services. However, the many available options mean that finding the perfect one that fits your specific needs can take time and effort. Are you looking to transcribe videos for your production? Are you a market researcher who needs transcripts of in-depth interviews and focus groups for your study? Perhaps you want to broaden your podcast's audience using transcriptions. Either way, choosing the right provider is vital.

What to Consider When Choosing a Transcription Service

Transcription services have become essential for businesses to efficiently and cost-effectively transcribe recorded files into text. Therefore, consider the following fundamental aspects when selecting a transcription provider.

Fast and Flexible Turnaround Times

Turnaround time is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a transcription service. It would be best if you had a team that could transcribe your audio quickly and accurately without paying a rush delivery fee.

A good transcription company prioritizes your deadlines and offers realistic expectations for bulk requests. For urgent cases, choose a provider that accommodates short turnarounds and can generate high-quality transcripts without charging an arm and a leg.

High-Quality Results

The primary goal of transcription services is to transcribe audio into text accurately. Therefore, it is crucial to select a service that delivers high-accuracy results. GoTranscript strives for a minimum of 99% accuracy and provides revisions for work that don't meet their clients' standards. Additionally, the company's customized transcription services cater to any specifications, including specialized formatting and recurring delivery schedules.

You can gauge the quality of a transcription service through recommendations from colleagues or by asking for a free trial. This is especially important for market researchers who need reliable data to capture insights.

Affordable Cost Without Compromise

While efficiency and speed are essential, choosing an affordable transcription service that does not compromise quality is equally crucial. Seek a provider combining low prices with top-notch speed and quality. Some of the more affordable companies in the market price their work at $0.84 per audio minute transcribed. The cost includes value adds such as reviewing and proofreading.

Audio Formats

Choose a transcribing company supporting various audio formats to save time converting media files. If you're conducting market research and recording interviews or focus groups, choose a service that can deliver transcripts without the hassle of editing or converting raw videos to audio files.

Features and Specifications

The uploading process should be easy, and the website should support large files, even those above a gigabyte. Customizable transcripts are also handy; timestamps or timecodes serve as markers for analysis. Choose a company that offers useable templates that comply with your needs and ensures convenient delivery of finished transcripts via email.

Security and Confidentiality

Confidentiality is crucial for meetings, conference calls, earnings calls, market research, film production transcriptions, and more. Scrutinize companies' security and confidentiality processes to avoid hacks and information leakage. Choose a service that prioritizes safeguarding sensitive information.

Personalized Customer Service

Transcription experts with a personal touch are helpful because they're understanding and always ready to attend to your needs. Avoid companies that lead to customer churn due to awful service. To determine if a provider is serious about treating its clients right, send an email inquiry and see how fast it responds.

Qualified Personnel

Consider the qualifications of those who will be working on your files. The best transcribers are native language speakers, subject matter experts, top university graduates, and trained in their art. Their experience and expertise will drive the overall quality of your transcription services. They'll pick up on dialects, slang, colloquialisms, and other cultural nuances.


If you require bulk transcription services, choose a provider with experience handling large projects. Otherwise, you may receive your transcripts late, or they may contain errors due to inefficiencies.


Consider the provider's readiness to display its client list and past projects. Look at examples of previous work to gauge its capabilities, and read referrals and testimonials on its website and third-party sites.

Value-Added Features

Check if the provider offers additional language services such as proofreading, copyediting, translations, captioning, and subtitling. Working with a company that provides these services can be more cost-effective and efficient as it would have a larger supporting workforce.

Value for Money

Is the pricing realistic? Be wary of vendors advertising incredibly cheap per-minute rates, as their quality and accuracy are uncertain. Choosing the most affordable option may lead to additional costs or the need to redo the work.

Why You Should Only Choose 100% Human Transcription Services

While AI transcription services are on the rise, human transcription services remain superior in accuracy, quality, and context. You get better value, accurate transcription, and specialized formatting with human transcription services. Humans can capture emotions, relate to the environment, and capture dialects better than transcription software. Therefore, human transcription services are an excellent choice for businesses that handle various tasks, especially in legal, medical, or professional settings where accuracy is crucial.

Are you looking for an exemplary transcription service for your business? A company such as GoTranscript provides timely, accurate, budget-friendly, and 100%-human generated academic, financial, media, speech, business, and medical transcription, among others.