Indian Education system has evolved a lot in the last few years and it is evident that there will be an increase in terms of opportunities as well as challenges. When it comes to pursuing higher education, some of the Indian Institutes are delivering world-class education to all the spheres of the world and are consistently doing better in making India as well as the education system better.

The government is also putting in efforts to launch various schemes that can improve and make the education system reach higher standards. “Higher Education Financing Agency” (HEFA) has made an announcement to improve the infrastructure so as the standards of education in India get better. However, I am sure that the following challenges that are listed should be taken care of a bit:

Producing Quality Teachers

The spirit of creativity and innovation can only be inculcated in the students if the teachers training them are qualified teachers. However if you proclaim that this because there are actually no good teachers, I may not nod to this because the quality is attracted by better pay and if the education system cannot afford to pay better, there can never be the quality that we aspire to reach. At the same time, the quota system does all the injustice to the talented ones and puts caste above quality. However, the sole purpose should be to keep on improving, rather than saving some pennies.

The Fee Structure

There are only limited schools and colleges that offer a fee structure easily afforded by middle-class families. Almost all the institutes delivering world-class education are so expensive that people study on loans. Earlier, schooling used to be affordable but with time, even a kindergarten kid’s education asks a good amount of money.

Preparing Students for Employment

Many students prefer moving out of the country because India isn’t able to provide employment to all the eligible candidates and even if it does, it is not always up to the standards that the candidate deserves. This has to be taken care of as brain drain has been a problem since ages. India should improve the employability so that our young and talented minds do not go abroad and improve the Gross Domestic Product of some other country and become NRIs. The system is considered to improve when it attracts more foreigners and become a hub for international studies.

Heading Towards a Crowded Market

There were certain loopholes in the system and to fill those gaps, some more institutions have entered the market making it more of a business. No wonder the education system is improving, but many institutions don’t reach the minimum threshold of the standards and are giving the system a decline. Also, the zeal of competition has overpowered minds of the parents as well as the students which leaves some students depressed for not attaining the desired rank and feel inferior. The sheer sense of commodity should be completely eradicated.

However, there are many online institutes as well that are providing education and have brought education to a higher level.  The concept of online education doesn’t only make people more technical, but also gives the student a flexible environment. The Indian education system is indeed the third largest education system in the world. It is also home to the largest Open University in the world in terms of strength (Indira Gandhi National Open University). I conclude with saying that India is truly an emerging economy and is home to many talented young minds, but certain betterments as noted above if taken care of can be really helpful in achieving the desired output.

Drifting Towards Internet 

The future of any nation depends on the education level of its populace. Indian education is in the process of reinventing itself to stay in tune with the changing times. Here are a few changes that we might expect sooner rather than later. One of the biggest boons of the internet is that it has made education accessible to even the remotest part of the country. Online tutoring in India is slowly but steadily picking up pace. A report shared by KPMG recently in association with Google has estimated that this sector is primed to see an exponential increase by 2021 compared to 2018. There are many Ed-Tech companies contributing to the same; for instance, Vedantu, one of the leading Ed-tech companies has proved that online education has its own outreach and value equally. By providing useful resources to students such as NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths & NCERT solutions for Class 9 Maths and so on, Vedantu is really proving that technology advancement has really paved the way for a better future of students.