Weddings are fun to go, but sometimes it sucks to go alone. There will be a sea of people, some with tighter cliques with groups, and you just hope and pray the bride and groom doesn't seat you on a table full of strangers, since you know, you're going alone. Here are some of the 9 things that suck.

1. You can't believe you just got invited to another wedding, and you're still single.


2. The thought of seeing couples around you, makes you sad.


3. Then you get desperate and ask a lot of people if they want to be your plus one.


4. When you're there, you turn down an invitation to go take funny pictures in the photo booth.


5. Then you spot a hot guy. Hopefully he's not taken.


6. You try your best to seduce him, in a way that doesn't make you look desperate at all.


7. And realize it's not going to work out since he's got his eye on every other person there.


8. You just resort to making the most fun you can have there. Who cares!


9. You go back home, late, and cry about being the only single person there.


But don't worry. You'll get there someday.