Weddings are holy ceremonies meant to bind a man and his wife for eternity. And when marriages are performed on the holy land it brings about a deeper sense of sacredness to the relationship. All the rituals performed during the marriage feel like the Gods themselves are blessing the newlyweds.


During marriages performed on the holy land, everything takes on a spiritual touch, including the attire of the bride and the groom as well as the parents of the couple and their family and friends. Even the accessories are chosen with care and keeping the virtuous location in mind. The same goes for the bouquet carried by the bride on her big day.

Following are a few tips which will help you choose the right type of bouquet for a bride who is about to be wed at the holy land:

1.    Choose the wedding dress before the bouquet:
As we said earlier that the entire attire of the bride, as well as the groom depends on the holy land and the culture and the tradition followed there. The bride will have to make sure what type of attire a bride in that particular holy land is supposed to wear and accordingly design her wedding dress. This will help her to choose the bouquet much easily as she now knows what to look for while choosing a bouquet.

2.    Consider the season of flowers:
There are very few types of flowers which are available throughout the year. It is possible that the flowers which are supposed to adorn the bride at that particular land might not be in season at the time of the wedding. Check for alternatives which can be used for a bouquet for the bride. You can choose to opt for natural or artificial materials to add an aura of aesthetic   appeal.

3.    Add a personal touch:
Now that you know the demand of the flowers to be used by a bride, check with the right bouquet designer if you can add some of your personal favorite orchids or white ponies to your bouquet. After all, it is your wedding and there might be such a provision fora bride to add a glimpse of romance to the occasion.

4.    Make it comfortable:
Now that you are sure the types of flowers to be used make sure that the bouquet is comfortable enough. The bouquet will be something you will be holding in your hand the whole day. So you wouldn’t want it to be heavy or even adorned with thorns that might keep pricking you the whole time you carry it.

5.    The position of holding your bouquet:
When you are getting married in the holy land, you have to follow a few traditions and that includes the way a bouquet is to be held by a bride.Be sure you are aware of the tradition as you don’t want people to be thinking it a bad omen by the way you hold your bouquet neither do you want to hurt the sentiments of those religious people attending the wedding.

A sacred ceremony as marriage should be performed with a complete faith in the institution regardless of the venue of marriage.