Wedding games are a great way to keep everyone involved and active at any wedding reception. From Wedding Jeopardy to Bridal Mad Libs there are tons of games that you can use during your reception to make it a memorable moment for everyone.

Games aren’t just for bridal showers or bachelor and bachelorette parties. You can incorporate many wedding games for reception to make it a fun event that your guests will remember for years to come. You and your fiancé can plan a lot of ways to keep your guest entertained.

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Fun and Engaging Wedding Games For Your Wedding Reception

Active Wedding Games

If you are looking for fun wedding game for an indoor wedding reception, there are plenty of active wedding games that will get your guests up and moving. Following is a list of some fun active games for your wedding reception:

Active Video Games such as Rock Band, American Idol Encore and Just Dance
Drinking Games (Flip Cup, etc)
Scavenger Hunt
Wedding Jeopardy

Wedding Games To Make Quests Laugh

Keeping your guests is happy if you provide them with fun entertainment. You can involve them in some traditional wedding guest that will not only entertainment, but will get them laughing as well. Following are some good suggestions for funny wedding games

The Shoe Game
The Newly-wed Game
Wedding Mad Libs
Crazy Costume Contest(Photo Booth game)
I Spy

Table Games

Table games are a great way to keep your guests entertained throughout the entire reception. You can find a ton of printable wedding games online from coloring books to Wedding Word Searches to Wedding Bingo. Here is a list of fun table games for your wedding guests:

Board games: set out a few board games at each table such as checkers, Connect Four, Jenga, Cards Against Humanity and so forth
Wedding Coloring Books
Table Crafts

As well, if you are having children at your wedding, you will want some child-friendly version of these games. You can also have some fun board games or coloring books for fun wedding games for girls and boys to keep them happy and busy during the reception. 


Yard Wedding Games

Outdoor weddings are ideal for fun and exciting wedding games. Here is a list of some of the most popular yard wedding games:
Scavenger Hunt
Giant Board Games
Relay Races
Bocce Ball
Tennis, Volleyball or Badminton

We hope you have enjoyed our suggestions for wedding games for your reception!