Even though lavish ceremonies and grand receptions are exciting, it is essential to bear in mind that weddings are a ceremonial commitment between couples. If a wedding ceremony is being conducted in a church or being presided by a priest or pastor, it is clear that God plays a vital role in the couple’s marriage and their lives. 


When looking for a gift to give a religious couple who want to tie their faith, there are some things you need to consider. Your gift can range from home decor products, Christian inspired artwork and wedding bibles. 

Marriage Takes Three Matte Silver Tabletop Figurine 
Since it is created from resin stone, this beautiful figurine comes with two entwined hearts and a delicate cross that hangs at the center. The figure touches on the significance and necessity of God as part of a marriage, with the prevailing sentiment that says it takes three. The statuette comes with a measurement of 13 by 8 by 2 inches and features a stunning matter silver texture. The gift can be placed in a dresser, nightstand or the living room as part of home décor. It will serve as a good and constant reminder of their memorable day. 

Posh Frame – 10 Ways to Love Bible Verse Frame
The posh frame is perfect for an engagement, bridal shower and also can serve as an awesome wedding gift. It has good ratings with numerous past previous clients commenting on the exceptional quality of the frame. The frames have ten ways to love, whereby each reason comes directly from a bible verse. The frame will be used to hold the picture of the couple’s wedding day forever while it serves as a reminder of their commitment to one another and to God. 


He Love us First Gold Foil & Watercolor Art Print
The artwork is the principal aspects that make a house a home, and in most cases, it’s one of the things that couples tend to ignore. If the newly weds you want to give the present are beginning their life together in a new apartment, there is a possibility that they will need a beautiful artwork to mount on their wall. This beautiful print is not too large so that it can be attached anywhere. The recent watercolor print comes with a delicate touch of gold foil with a measurement of 8 by 10 inch mounted on heavy card stock. 

Unique Gold Rosary Beads
In most cases, seeing is believing and many people get the emotional relief and peace from holding rosary beads when saying their prayers. Rosary beads act as a continuous reminder of love and fortification of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary. Even though the couples might own the rosary beads, they will love the concept of giving them one to share and unite them in a unique way.  


Leather Bound Catholic Wedding Bible
This is stunning and the special Bible is a beautiful present for any Catholic family that intends to start a new life together. The white leather Bible is designed with silver gilded pages to offer a unique feel and is the best way for religiously married couples to celebrate the sacrament of Holy Matrimony. On top of the Bible, it comprises some sections that have family genealogy chronicles, scripture readings from the day of the wedding, Christmas and Easter stories and many more. 

Corinthians 13:4-8 – Personalized Love Birds Wedding Gift
Corinthians 13:4-8 is the most popular scripture reading at Christian weddings even to the people who are not religious. If the couple will prefer to incorporate the verse in their ceremony, this present is more unique and sentimental. It is also a perfect gift for the couple. The special gift comes with a 3D print that can be customized by selecting the color on the heart tags and twine color. They must organize it in the wedding colors to make it look unique. The scripture reading is merged into the branch silhouette for a creative piece of artwork that can be hanged on the wall. 


Custom Folded Book Cross Sculpture
If an exceptional and original present is what you seek, then a custom folded book will never be a disappointment. The folded book statuette is either created with a simple cross, a cross with a heartbeat or a cross with the photo of Jesus Christ. The cross can be viewed in extra images in the item listing. Every page is carefully and precisely hand folded to make the image have a life. 

Personalized Name Wedding Gift by The Christian Alphabet
You can get a gift from a store that designs personalized wedding gifts. The stores specialize in designing artwork utilizing Christian inspired illustrations. With the help of the figures, they plan the alphabet and the artwork using the letters you choose. There are over 100 ancient and modern Christian signs that are utilized to create each message. To make the product creative and exceptional, every letter comes with a word that has a spiritual meaning in it.  


Love is Patient & Kind Throw
This fashionable throw blanket is a beautiful addition to any house and it makes a lovely wedding present. The throw blankets are handcrafted and they are not heavy and this makes them perfect for any season. It has a measurement of 70 by 8.5 inches and comes with hand-lettered print with a rustic appearance. The newly weds can utilize this product as a piece of décor and also as a tapestry. 

A Cord of Three Strands Wedding Ceremony Set
The wedding lasso cord is a perfect wedding present that can be given before the wedding ether during the rehearsal dinner or during the bridal shower. The three strands can be fused into their ceremony signifying the union of the couples and God. Just like the unity candle or the pouring of different sands, the finished item is a gift that the couples will appreciate the sentiment it brings forever. The three strands are designed with cards that explain the gist of each strand and rules for the rite.