Here's the thing: nothing looks better than skinny jeans. Bell bottoms, baggy jeans, they're all something we don't want to be associated from yesteryear. But a neurology expert has issued a warning after treating a woman who was trapped in her jeans. That woman passed out on the side of the street!

The 35-year-old Adelaide woman passed out on the side after the road trying to help a friend move while wearing skinny jeans.


She was squatting for a long period of time and her jeans restricted the blood supply to both calves.


Her legs had swollen so much, the jeans had to be cut off by doctors. Someone should tell Kim Kardashian about this.


According to Dr. Thomas Kimber, “We were certainly surprised and shocked. It was a surprise to us that someone could get such severe nerve and muscle damage from the activity she described. The clothing she was wearing was the critical factor.”


Now comes the medical warning:

“The take home message is to avoid wearing skinny jeans if you intend to do a job with squatting or kneeling.
“If your legs begin to feel uncomfortable or tingle, you should stand up and get the blood circulating again.”

So if you still want to wear skinny jeans, you've got to constantly move around. MOVE!