So a woman was left temporarily paralyzed after blood flow to her legs were blocked when she squatted while wearing skinny jeans. The lesson here is to keep moving so blood flow isn't restricted. And the question that remains: are skinny jeans to be avoided?

Not if these jeans are the alternative:


JNCO Jeans are a wide-leg style of jeans that were only popular for a short while in the 90s. You could literally hide another human being in your pants with them.


Not to mention, they're hands down the ugliest thing fashion has ever spit out and forced humans to wear.


You can't show off the shape of your butt with JNCO jeans:


It's got a leg opening size of greater than 50 inches, which is 50 inches more than your pair of skinny jeans:


If you want to get laid, don't even think twice about wearing these:


So are skinny jeans really that dangerous? JNCO jeans are worse. They'll make you an outcast of society.