One of the biggest fears that women have about getting older is losing the ability to enjoy sex. But what if the thing we're worried is something that only exists in our head? As Salon writer Lisa Wade explains, this whole "sexual peak" myth is mainly because society tends to equate "good sex" with "penis performance."

As Wade points out, an 18-year-old penis may get erections more easily than an old one, but this doesn't necessarily equate to sexual prowess. A man with a few more decades of experience is probably way better than one on the brink of adolescence and adulthood whose only reference is the stuff shown in porn.

Another thing to point out is that sex education programs in schools mostly focus on reproduction rather than pleasure. Obviously the male orgasm is key to reproduction and conception, while female pleasure is hardly ever mentioned:
For boys, the idea that sex is natural and pleasurable is part of the lesson.

Not so for girls. Girls are unlikely to learn anything about their own sexualities in sex education. Again, this is partly because we use reproduction instead of pleasure as the excuse for talking about sex; they learn about the other "o": ovulation. There's almost never any discussion of girls’ sexual desires or pleasure. Often, however, there's plenty of talk about how sex can get girls “into trouble”: pregnancy, emotional harm, sexually transmitted infections, ruined reputations and sexual assault. So, essentially, girls learn the same lesson that boys learn—sex is natural and pleasurable for boys—so watch out. It may take decades for them to understand that sex is natural and pleasurable for them too.
So the real problem about this whole sexual peak thing is how easily we tend to link female sexuality and satisfaction with male performance. And that doesn't even take into account women who don't have sex with men, or those who don't need a partner at all to feel good.

So while the uterus might only be able to conceive up to a certain point, that doesn't mean that sex goes out the window. Good sex can continue well into your twilight years, so don't let other people dictate how you should feel about your sexy bits.

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