When couples fall in love and end up in marriage, they intend to be there for one another in good and bad times. However, as life progresses, children are born, investments start trickling in, and some challenges come in handy, and couples start feeling like they made the wrong decision.

They start blaming each other for the wrong reasons, and eventually, this leads to separation and divorce.  When all this happens, one of the persons may feel that it is too hard to bear and may opt to file for divorce.

While making such a decision, there are surprising things that one may not be aware of until you are in it. We are going to discuss some of these things here below.

1. You can only file for divorce if you are married for more than one year.

It does not matter the state that you got married from, but before one is over, no court of law would consider your application for divorce. There must be proof that you have been living as a husband and wife for over one year.
In such an instance, a marriage certificate can be used to show the period that you have been together.

2. Payment of Court fees.

As you plan for divorce, there is a court fee that you must pay when applying for Decree Absolute. The amount of charge is determined by the state in which the divorce court resides.

3.  Completion of financial discussions.

As the court finalizes on the decree to declare the marriage obsolete, financial discussions do not end from there. There are cases where they continue even after the divorce is over. Much as it is advisable to complete the debate as the final decree is made, it is not a requirement.
However, it is essential to note that any issues relating to inheritance of property on the death of your Ex, pension payments usually come to an end immediately the court issues the divorce authority and decree.

4.  There must be evident grounds stating the reasons for ending a marriage.

While filing for divorce, the person filing must have evidence as to why he or she intends to end the marriage. The court will go through such reasons and determine if they are valid to warrant the divorce.

Among the reasons include: 

- Being left by your partner for more than two years- If your partner deserts you for more than two years, then the court will take into account the materiality of such and determine the validity of the case.
- Irrational Behaviour-Your partner may act in a way to prove that it will no longer be worthy of living together. I have often had of brutal cases between couples with unending wrangles. Such behavior should be enough reason to warrant a divorce.
- Living in adultery- When filing for divorce, there may not be a prove for adultery, but if you feel you cannot manage to live with an unfaithful spouse, then you will be listened to when it comes to court discussions. Still, your ex to be may respond positively and own up the immoral acts, and this will be enough reason for divorce.
- Being separated for more than five years At this point, you can decide to end the marriage if both of you have separated for five years. The union is already dead, and there is no reason whatsoever for remaining in that situation.

5. An original Marriage certificate must be produced when issuing a petition.

Usually, marriages are made official if one has a marriage certificate. The same case applies when you want to terminate the marriage. When filing for a petition, you must provide the certificate to prove that indeed you were legally married to your partner. Otherwise, the marriage will be declared a come we stay relationship and will have no grounds to seek for the petition.

6.  No Divorce can be called a Quickie Divorce.

People may think that if a case is uncontested, then the divorce proceedings will be automatic. This is never the case — the minute you involve the state in your divorce plans. Some plans and steps must be taken before a decree to divorce are pronounced.

The steps are outlined as:

- Sending the petition to court -This is done by the petitioner who is the person that wishes to start the divorce plans.
- The courts take the mandate and send the petition to the other partner informing him/ her of your intention to divorce.
- The respondent is given at least 8 days to respond to the petition. The partner may decide to defend the petition using the procedures as determined by the court.
- If all these processes go on successfully, the case proceedings start with both sides defending through the process of an attorney.

The entire process will go for 6 months or more before a decree is made. As such nobody should advise a couple in the wrong manner purporting that divorce decree will be a one-day affair.

7. Racial Marriages.

Research has it that if one got married to a partner of a different race, the rate of divorce is higher than those who are from the same race.
White marriages with black people, divorce cases are considered as the most unstable marriages in the world.
8. Occupation.

In marriage, the jobs that you are engaged in contribute very much to its survival. For instance, Choreographers and dancers marriages have the highest rate of divorce. Most likely this is because of the kind of jobs they are involved in, the interactions with celebrities who do not have value for their families at hand and they end up divorcing. It’s said that birds of the same flock fly together.

The minute the character of these people is brought together, they have so much to share, engage in infidelity which will work out negatively for your family and end up in divorce.
On the other hand, Clergies, agricultural engineers seem to have a lower rate of divorce. This is because their profession does not give them open grounds for divorce. The characters who are in the same line of operations have little or no interest in discussing unwanted family issues. It's just work and going back home to meet their families, and as such, these kinds of jobs will promote marriages more than divorce.

9.  In America, for every 36 seconds, there is at least 1 divorce taking place which sums up to 2400 divorces per day.

It is deemed that the divorce rate for a first marriage is approximately 41% while a second marriage is 60% and the proceedings in the divorce court for these marriages usually take 1 year.

10.  Political differences in marriage have a high rate of divorce.

Politics is one of the activities that bring divisions in the family. If one party feels that the time is not ripe for the other partner to be involved in politics, quarrels will always be there.
Mostly, politics build a passion for the person running with it to the extent that at the time when the wave is at the peak, the value for the family is not felt.
If the partner who is not involved in politics is not careful enough, then it will be hard for them to cope with marriage. Therefore watch out for political differences in your marriage if you have no intentions of divorce.

11.  Online divorce

The technology has evolved so much that as long as your divorce is uncontested, one can obtain divorce forms online, answer all the questions required by the online divorce site that you are engaged in and after they have been compiled, your work is to download for submission to the courts. This is a new way of form filling that eliminates the cost of hiring an attorney to do the data entry work that is required before the petition starts. Such sites will offer the customer service as required, fasten the process for getting the divorce forms even at the comfort of your home and at a reasonable fee. Confidentiality, in this case, is also enhanced.

As you watch social media currently, there are very many cases of divorce. The reason behind all these may not be conclusive enough. It’s therefore essential to understand in a better way, the reasons behind all this. Once you get to know the causes, it will be possible to understand how much effort you can put to salvage your marriage by avoiding the reasons that have led to many divorces in the past.