Ladies, this is the face of a man who is using religion as an argument on why good catholic girls shouldn't even think about furthering their education because of all the sinning that goes down in dorms!

The video uploaded by features a Catholic dad named Raylan Alleman spewing all sorts of ridiculous notions about how giving women the right to choose will just ruin their lives and damn them to hell. Below are some key bullshit excerpts from the video:
How women don't belong in the work force: My personal impression is that the day-to-day grind of a job is below the dignity of women. In a way, it is like being a hired hand, as result of the fall and the penalty for original sin.

How men shouldn't be blamed for not being able to control their sexual urges:
Men will allow for pretty much anything that women will. It's a male weakness and a female power. Very few men can restrain themselves and control themselves with a woman, but most are going to respect a woman who's going to respect herself.

How women should skip college all-together because there are other "safer" ways to get smart: Today, anyone can learn anything they want with the vast library system across the country and with the easy access of the internet.

And of course, how women who have per-marital sex can no longer think for themselves:
Once she becomes sexually active with him, she releases hormones that mask his faults, and she remains in a dreamy state about him...and thereby less tempted to be critical of him.
What is really surprising about all this is that someone actually decided to procreate with this guy.