Engagements are sooooooo wonderful. But if your friend is marrying a total douche, it's sooooooo not funny. But that's just what you think. Your friend is totally, utterly, superbly, cloudninely, epically, blindly, extremely, blissfully in love and she's dreaming of spending the rest of her life with this person. When she breaks the news to you, what will you say? How will you react? You weren't even prepared!

Well now you will be, with the help of this video (below) by UCBComedy that teaches you to "politely react to your friend's terrible engagement."

Unfortunately the video only gives you a few suggestions for your initial, instant reaction. So if your friend is seriously going to say 'I do' to a really horrible person, you should eventually (and swiftly) tell her how concerned you are about this new arrangement. But bear in mind that you do not have the power to force her to change her mind - although evilly you would have planted a seed of doubt (insert evil laugh here).

We wish you good luck.