You'd think that there is no shortage of shoes around the world, but an alarming 300 million people in developing nations do not even own a pair.

Unifod is hoping to change all of that in the near future. The concept by Pratt Institute students Haratio Yuxin Han and Kevin Crowley is a shoe made from one piece of recyclable material that takes shape by folding over the cut out pattern. It's pretty simple actually:


Unifold could solve the world-wide shoe shortage crisis, and it looks easy to construct.


The shoe reduces complicated procedures required in footwear productions. There's no need for molding, lacing, sewing and gluing.

In fact, the shoe model could be downloaded and then printed out. You simply cut and fold a sheet of foam rubber, following the proper design pattern.


Hopefully this solves the problem for that 300 million people without shoes.

Image: Pratt Institute