Here's a campaign that will make some lucky New Yorkers reminisce their first ride home from the hospital as an infant. And it won't be a yellow cab.

The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety had named the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander the Top Safety Pick. Riding on that title, Mitsubishi and agency 180LA launched a new campaign to offer the perfect ride for newborn babies and their parents.

The campaign is dubbed "#FirstRide," and it includes a series of web shorts about three New York City families who faced their own unique challenges leading up to the first day of their baby's life, and gives them a ride home from the hospital.

Mitsubishi Motors R&D engineer Jessica Robinson said in a statement, “Every day, thousands of newborns in New York City and around the nation leave hospitals in infant car seats and head home for the first, most important time. However, most people don’t realize that 73% of all child safety seats are not installed or used properly, nor do they consider the safety of the actual car driving them home.”