The Japanese Foreign Minister fumio Kishida and Minister Yun Byung-Se from South Korea finally reached an agreement for the women's comfort issue. The government of South Korea created a foundation for healing which was created to support comfort women and relatives of deceased women who were affected. 

Both parties have agreed to contribute a large amount of money to the foundation. Japan has promised to donate 1 billion yen to the foundation. South Korea has agreed to donate 20 million won to the Foundation for Reconciliation and Healing. All money donated will be going directly to the surviving women and to the families of the women who are deceased. 

Even though South Korea and Japan have good intentions with donating the money, there is large controversy with comfort women. Many people have been skeptical on the relationship between South Korea and Japan. This new relationship between the two has many questioning if the deal for comfort women will be stable. 


Some South Korean Comfort women have already been rejecting the money that was offered to them from the foundation. Women who were affected feel as though money does not bring comfort after experiencing such traumatic events. The women who were affected believe that accepting the money will cause the government to believe that the wartime crimes were acceptable. The women are actually taking a stand against the government so that they can truly see the impact of the terrible events.

Korean Comfort women even have come out to say that they are extremely offended by the government's choice to accept the deal without speaking with them about it first. The women want Japan's government to publically apologize to them for all of the pain. After a public apology is given, the Korean women will then accept the money.

Even Korean Civil Society groups have been coming together to hinder the deal that Japan and South Korea has established. These groups are lead by Korean Council for Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan. This group has been trying to establish more peace between the two. They have also been establishing more groups to replace the donations received from Japan with donations received by South Koreans. South Koreans still want the women affected by wartime crimes to receive compensation; however, they do not want the compensations to come from Japan without an apology. Until an apology is given, South Koreans will continue to unite in order to support the women affected.

Even though South Korea wants to stand behind the women it is not as easy as it seems. Abandoning the deal that was already made will affect them in a major way. If South Korea chooses to neglect the deal, they will lose their credibility and it will affect the chance of them establishing future alliances not only with Japan, but other countries as well. For example, if Korea chooses to deny the deal at this point it will affect their relationship with the United States, which is not a good idea.

As of today, Comfort women stories are still being told in order to bring awareness to the topic. Women will continue to tell their Comfort women testimonies in order to support all women who have been affected by the issue. Many women are still waiting on Japan to apologize so that these issues can be reconciled.