If your friend’s birthday is right around the corner then this is the right place you have visited. Planning a birthday bash for someone can make their day special and memorable. Celebrations are essential in life to lift our spirits high. 

There are hundreds of ways in which you can celebrate your friend’s birthday. Some tend to celebrate it with a surprise birthday party while other try to enhance the excitement by egging the birthday person completely. Nevertheless, here are 5 simple steps to celebrate friend’s birthday with sheer enthusiasm and excitement. 

1. Brainstorm different ideas amongst the friend circle

Pre-planning is necessary when looking forward to your friend’s birthday. Begin with the planning stage at least 3 weeks prior to the actual birthday. Talk to your friends about the idea they have got. You may either plan a simple gathering at home, a pool party or a themed birthday party at a specific location. 

2. Date

Once you have decided on the theme, you need to determine when the birthday needs to be celebrated. Do you want it to happen earlier, later or on the birthday itself? Also select the time of the day party will going to happen. Think about the convenience of the guests. Will they be able to attend the party? It is not recommendable to conduct parties on weekdays. Saturday and Sunday afternoons are highly advisable. 

3. Food and décor

This is for what the guests visit birthday parties. They want good food and ambiance. Make a list of everything that will be needed. Select the recipes in advance if you are preparing the food yourself or else place the orders on time. Also make proper arrangements for the cake. 

When it comes to décor, a proper theme needs to be set. Look out for creative ways to greet your friend on his birthday. This article will help you in this context. 

4. Make a guest list

Work with your friends to create a guest list. Organize the list into different categories and invite them. It is important to notify the guests 3 week in advance. Send the invitations either through email, call or text. You can even create a private page on social media platforms regarding the event. Be creative with the invitations. Personalize them according to the theme of party. This is where guests will want to come. A boring birthday invitation means less guests coming. 

5. Have fun and celebrate

This is the final, and the most important step to celebrate birthday parties. It is crucially important to have fun. Don’t indulge yourself in so much activities that you forget to have fun. Even though it is your job to ensure that everything goes smoothly, make sure you are as much involved in the birthday celebrations. 

The bottom line

As mentioned above, celebrations are important in life. Above were 5 simple steps in which you can celebrate your friend’s birthday. One can even incorporate their own ideas to make it more interesting.