Whether it’s a long-term partner, childhood friend or even someone you met recently, relationships can be fickle and easily shatter. We might subject ourselves to love-hate relationships, we might dedicate ourselves to one person, or we might be more open to enjoying our youth while it still lasts. Whatever your dedication or your mantra, breakups will happen.

They’re more common than you might think, but if you want to keep your relationship because you think you’ve found the love of your life, then here are a couple of things to look out for.


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Abuse doesn’t have to mean physical abuse where people are hitting each other or verbal abuse which involves loud arguments that wake up the entire neighbourhood. Abuse can be subtle and it’s often difficult to tell when you’re being manipulated or manipulative in your relationship. It could be a sadistic attitude, it could be that you are your partner don’t see eye to eye, or it could be a misunderstanding that grew out of control. Whatever it is, it’s important to speak with your partner calmly and sort out any troubles that you may be having.


If you’re with a partner that wants a child and you can’t provide or don’t want to provide, then you may be in for a surprise. Luckily, there are treatments that aim to fix INF such as IVF, the most successful one available. However, keep in mind that if your partner wants a child, they probably want to start a family. If that’s a commitment that you can’t meet, then perhaps it’s time to reconsider your relationship priorities.


When you or your spouse starts to become attracted to someone else, it’s usually a bad sign that has to be dealt with immediately. Intimate relationships might develop and, before you know it, you’re going to split up and someone will have taken your partner, or you might be taken away by someone else. Cheating usually happens as a result of a relationship that is failing or misunderstandings that are never dealt with. The key to preventing cheating in the first place is to have a solid relationship where both your needs and your partner’s needs are met.


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If you or your partner are extremely jealous types, then it can lead to paranoia, anxiety and maybe even cheating. It’s important that if you feel jealous of someone your partner is around, don’t try to put them down. Instead, be better than them, speak with your partner and give them reasons to love you more and pay you more attention instead. If your partner is jealous, then reassure them it’s nothing, pay them some more attention, and give the respect they deserve.


Whether it’s an addiction to video games, smoking or even drugs, they can become major issues within a relationship. Video game addictions, for example, tend to snatch attention away from your partner. Drug or alcohol addictions tend to invite aggressive behaviour into the relationship and the only way to avoid this is to beat those addictions as early as possible.