Rainbow Beach is a beautiful Australian beach town located at the bottom of Inskip Peninsula, which has colourful sand cliffs. The town serves as a golden gateway to the most amazing natural attractions in the world. From this scenic coastal village, you can experience the wonders of the Pacific Ocean and the Tin Can Bay.

Originally called the Back Beach, Rainbow Beach received its present name after the coloured sands very close to Fraser Island. In 1969, it was a sand mining region, which could only be accessed via boat from the Tin Can Bay. After sand mining stopped in 1976, it became a quiet, idyllic holiday and fishing getaway that is usually known as the gateway to Fraser Island.

Rainbow Beach is an exciting place for beach holiday lovers with 3-star hotel, motels, and caravan parks. That is why many Fraser Island Tours from Rainbow Beach offer holiday makers a unique and unforgettable experience. Although it currently has a population of a little over a thousand residents, over 70,000 visitors pass through the town annually. Here some exciting things to do at Rainbow Beach.


See the Carlo Sand Blow

Located on 104 Cooloola Drive, Rainbow Beach, this sand blow is an extremely beautiful place and most visitors rate it as one of the most picturesque areas on this beach. When you arrive here, you will see sand in virtually all directions, even up to the Ocean and the famous Double Island Point. You will wonder at the abundance of fine sand that has been built up here for centuries. It is worth taking photos of this sight and keeping lasting memories.

Take Rainbow Beach Horse Ride

Go for a enthralling 90-minute horse ride along the beach. Experience amazing views as you ride on bushland trails and golden coloured sands. You should also make sure you pose for the spectacular photograph with the ocean backdrop. Horses are available for all levels of horse riders from beginners to experts. Typically, the ride starts with a brief instructional session and then you ride for about 5 kilometres, which usually takes about one and a half hours. The minimum age for the ride is 10 years.

Take a Sea Kayak Tour to Double Island Point

You can book a dolphin kayak tour that will start at about 6 am and give you the opportunity to see the abundance of sea life on crystal clear water and possibly some dolphins, whales, turtles and rays. Riding the kayak on the waves with an experienced guide gives you a magical and exhilarating feeling. Some tours also offer surfing lessons in addition to the drive along the beach.

Go on a Diving Tour

If you are an experienced scuba diver, you could take a dive tour with one of the licensed dive operators. You will have a chance to see many grey nurse sharks, sea snakes, turtles and mantas. During the exciting boat ride to the dive location, you will enjoy a hilarious ride, with delicious lunch. On your way back, you could even see a few playful dolphins and see some humpback whales breaching.

Those are not all the fun activities you can engage in on this hidden gem called the Rainbow Beach. The Cooloola National Park is another great place to explore the wonders of the well preserved rainforest.