Visiting a college first time is like discovering America. It is greatly possible to feel the same anxiety Columbus felt making his first step at unknown continent when going to college. Definitely, dealing with first study day at high school can be difficult. Students used to feel overstressed in September. New colleagues, tutors and college tasks make everyone feeling anxious and lost. The following advices and tips can be very useful for every student, who wants to deal with first days of study successfully and easily.


Tips and Advices for College Newbies
Study at university can be both difficult and quite fun experience in every student’s life. According to scientists, this is the exact period in every person’s life when he or she can gain a lot of useful skills and knowledge. When staying attentive to every aspect of study life, students can reach high academic ratings easily. There is a short list of advices for college newbies to follow in order to have a great study year:

1. Always be attentive to what your tutor tells you to do.
2. Attend all lectures and seminars scheduled in your study plan.
3. Perform every academic assignment on time and with no delays.
5. Avoid any misunderstandings with academic papers’ requirements.

According to ERIC, every student is capable enough to perform all academic assignments on time and due to all requirements provided. He simply needs to start promptly and avoid any distracting things that can prevent him from doing his job. An ability to focus on the study material must become one of the first skills learned by every college newbie at any educational institution.

Statistically, most of the students have enough time to perform a full list of academic tasks. Definitely, college newbies face more difficulties when only starting to perform all complex academic assignments. It is very important to take care of the time and write down every future task into personal planner book. Planning future tasks is highly crucial for an academic assignment’s excellent performing. Besides, complex tasks must be divided into easier ones, which must be performed in chronological order.

Advices for College Newbies in Information Era
During previous decades, students were focusing more on study, and kept visiting college and local library almost every day. Nowadays when modern technologies allow reaching any study materials and information, global networking has become an exact place where students stay for hours. In addition, modern ways of data analysis allow dealing with huge clusters of information, paying only hours or maximum a few days for a difficult research conducting. Modern information era has eased the process of education in some way.
Students can easily communicate and share important materials, thus staying at college library or campus is no longer important in order to stay in touch with other students. Besides, many colleges and universities use distant form of education, like during holidays, etc. Reaching such influential educational websites like Coursera every person can learn many new skills and knowledge even without attending a college. For those who go to the university, he can use familiar courses as quite effective additional educational tools.

Every college newbie must be well aware of numerous educational websites that can be used for personal knowledge and skills’ improvement. Besides, it is very important to find a few friend among your group mates since it will greatly help you in a study process. In fact, many researchers agree that students who learn materials in groups learn them better, because of the natural desire to be as same smart as other group’s members.

Every college newbie must be very attentive to all assignments he gets during a study period. Since college is a great place to gain new useful knowledge and remarkable skills, studying is one of the most crucial duties of every student. From the very first days of study, every newbie should focus on finding good friends among group mates, because it may help a lot in further studying. It is great to be a good and notable student, and every newbie must pay a lot of time and attention to become a great college member.