In torrid regions, air coolers offer significant comfort to individuals. Being acquainted with various types of air coolers may help one to make sound decisions concerning purchase, and accomplish long-term goals. Here’s some information about the pros and cons of various types of air coolers to enhance the knowledge of potential buyers. 

Why Know About Different Types Of Air Coolers?

When one is acquainted with all the information about various types of coolers currently available in the market, one can buy a cooler that will go hand in hand with their long-term purchase goals. In this blog, we will discuss in detail the different types of coolers along with the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Let’s get started!

Types Of Air Coolers:

Window Air Cooler:

Window air coolers are mostly available in medium to small sizes that can be easily fitted into the windows of any room. An air filter in a window air cooler moves over a damp pad. This damp pad's dampness absorbs moisture, which evaporates to chill the air and add moisture. If your area has low humidity, window air coolers are a good choice.

Pros Of Window Air Cooler:

Affordable and cost-effective.
It doesn’t require any extra space on the floor as it can be easily mounted to the wall.
It comes with remote control and timer facilities
As compared to air conditioners, air coolers consume less energy.
Eco-friendly as there’s no requirement for chemicals or refrigerant. 

Cons Of Window Air Cooler:

Cooling is limited to a single room where the cooler has been installed.
It may raise the level of humidity inside the room, which can be uncomfortable at times.
The water needs to be refilled frequently 
Requires regular maintenance and cleaning to stop bacterial growth.

Room Air Cooler:

Room air coolers are much more compact and are ideal for non-spacious rooms like small bedrooms or living rooms. It is also suitable for small offices. These coolers are designed in such a way that the water tray is placed at the bottom. At the same time, the fan is placed at the top which takes the hot air from outside and makes it pass through the tray to deliver cool air. 

Pros Of Room Air Coolers:

Easy maintenance
Flexibility in use as it can be shifted from one room to another according to the needs of the user.
Comes with remote control and timer facilities.
Consumes less energy than air conditioners.

Cons Of Room Air Coolers:

The fan inside the air cooler can be noisy sometimes.
Requires refilling of water frequently
Often increase the room’s humidity level.
It needs frequent cleaning to keep the growth of bacteria or mould in check.

Desert Air Cooler:

Desert coolers come with powerful and effective cooling technology. It can cool a wider area ranging to 2000 sq. and can reduce the temperature by up to fifteen degrees. These coolers can be used for outdoor spaces like terraces, parks or gardens.

Pros Of Desert Air Cooler:

It can be used to cool a large area.
Ideal for dry climates
Consume less energy as compared to air conditioners.
Eco-friendly as they do not use any harmful chemicals or refrigerants.

Cons Of Desert Air Cooler:

Bulky and takes a lot of space to install.
Requires huge amounts of water and frequent maintenance, therefore may prove expensive. 
The increased level of humidity may fasten the corrosion process of various appliances and furniture present nearby.

Tower Air Cooler:

Tower air coolers can be installed in the corner or on one side of the room. Their stylistic and sleek design makes them consumer favourites. Here, the water tray is placed at the bottom, which regulates the circulation and storage of water. The blower is fixed at the top and follows the exact cooling mechanism of its counterparts. Its modern designs may enhance the overall room decor.

Pros Of Tower Air Cooler:

It is the best choice for installation in modern households.
Consumes less energy than air conditioners.
There is no need for ducting or installation, which often proves to be significant additional expenses.
Comes with timer and remote control facilities.

Cons Of Tower Air Cooler:

Often comes with lower cooling capacity than other coolers.
The increased level of humidity may cause health problems.
Requires constant refilling of water and time to time maintenance. 

How To Choose A Suitable Air Cooler?

Choosing suitable air coolers online may help you to secure a consistent return on your investment. To ensure this, it is essential to consider several factors, such as air cooler price, cooling capacity, and room size, before making the final decision. Below are listed some of the most essential factors that will help you through the process of your decision-making:

The first thing that you must consider is the space that needs cooling. If it is your room, consider its size and compare it with the cooling capacity of the air cooler that you have chosen.
Also, consider the type of climate that your area experiences. Air coolers are more suitable for climates experiencing lower levels of humidity. Therefore, consider checking your area’s humidity level. 
Another important consideration is the maintenance of the appliance, which, if not done properly, may entertain the growth of mould and bacteria. Therefore, choose one that requires low maintenance. 
Although all air coolers are energy efficient, they may vary with the size of the appliance, the fan speed and cooling capacity. Choose one that will permit your budget.


Securing an all-encompassing knowledge about various types of air coolers will prove helpful in knowing what the market is currently offering and which will suit you the best. Remember to consider the above mentioned factors before purchase.