Every company produces waste. A building's dining room, offices, service rooms, kitchens, and even the outside all produce trash. Maintaining a tidy and clean workplace may be facilitated by having the appropriate commercial garbage can accessible in all of these locations.

Outside Garbage Cans

Customers will form their initial opinions of your company based on its outside, thus cleanliness is crucial. Customers are encouraged to properly dispose of their rubbish rather than litter by having outside business trash cans in handy places.

Commercial outdoor garbage cans have a 5-gallon capacity at first, and the larger versions can carry up to 50 gallons. Utility trash cans are typically constructed from galvanized steel, although more ornamental ones can be made of fiberglass, painted steel, see-through mesh, or heavy-duty plastic.

Specialty features including ash bucket tops, leveling feet, detachable plastic or metal liners, and slanted edges to capture garbage that could otherwise bounce out are found on certain outdoor trash cans. Additionally, some garbage cans include interchangeable panels that allow for damage to be fixed without having to buy a new trash can altogether.

To better withstand the challenges of being outside, outdoor garbage cans frequently have unique characteristics. Some include locks to ward off vandals, or lids secured with steel wires or screws to dissuade theft.

Certain types include extra-heavy construction, bottoms that are weighted with water or sand, or anchoring kits to make sure the garbage can remains put in the event of theft attempts or strong winds. Certain outdoor versions feature UV inhibitors incorporated into the plastic or a protective ultraviolet (UV) coating to prevent fading. External surfaces coated in powder are strong and resistant to weather.

Interior Garbage Cans

You may choose the ideal type for you based on where your garbage bin will be placed.

Rubbermaid's most widely used utility cans are Brute® garbage cans, which are used in a vast array of commercial settings worldwide. Their sizes vary from ten to 95 gallons, and they are composed of sturdy polyethylene for long-lasting use. These are perfect for usage in industrial settings, such as stockrooms and kitchens.

Trash receptacles featuring a cover that releases upon pressing the foot pedal are known as step cans. Because they work hands-free to stop the transmission of germs, they are used in toilets and doctor's offices.

Slim trash cans are made to have a smaller footprint. Certain types are designed to slip into small spaces, while others are built to sit flat against the wall to avoid extending overly far into the area. There are outdoor commercial trash cans available that hold between 15 and 36 gallons.

Stainless steel is typically used to make bathroom trash cans to avoid corrosion. In addition to saving space, wall-mounted units frequently include a paper towel dispenser built in. You can choose to keep a trash can out of the way by placing it under the counter when a waste chute is built onto the counter.

Waste baskets are compact, lightweight garbage cans that are designed to be stowed out of the way under desks. There are a few beautiful metal versions available, but the majority are made of plastic.

Portable Garbage Cans

Eventually, your garbage has to be picked up and taken out, either to be dumped in a dumpster or picked up from the curb. Trash cans with wheels can be convenient for moving, and they come with covers to keep bugs and animals out of any outside garbage storage.

A garbage cart can be the most practical option for you if you want to transfer a larger amount of rubbish. Although lids are not included, they can be purchased separately for a variety of models. 

Trash cans with wheels can be convenient for moving, and they come with covers to keep bugs and animals out of any outside garbage storage. 

Although lids are not included, they can be purchased separately for a variety of models. While some garbage carts feature slanted sides to facilitate tipping, straight-sided trash carts usually have a larger capacity. Trash carts that work with forklifts are also offered.

Unique Garbage Cans

Certain garbage cans are designed with a specific function in mind. Cigarette receptacles ( are one example; they may be integrated into the top of garbage cans, or they can be wall-mounted or standing alone alongside a pole with an opening for storage at the bottom.

An additional kind of specialized garbage can is a composting bin. These come in several of the previously described styles, such as wastebaskets, trash cans on wheels, and skinny trash cans, but they are labeled for recycling. 

Some recycling bins are more precise, with markings indicating what kind of recyclable content the can is meant to store, such as cans, bottles of glass, or paper. Several recycling bins include the globally known recycling symbol.