Are you a video game enthusiast who plays non-stop video games? We know how entertaining, relaxing, and fun video games are. However, as the popularity of video games is increasing endlessly, people are experiencing some negative impacts of video games too. 

If you want to track your video game orders, use the china post tracking app. Players pay some physical and emotional focus on video games which causes severe health issues. In this article, we will closely examine video games' advantages and disadvantages. 

Let's dive right in. 

Are there any Advantages of Gaming?

We need to understand the advantages of gaming before diving deep into its disadvantages. Gamers allow the players to interact with various people globally. This communication develops confidence in them. It enhances their decision-making ability while competing missions and competent rounds.

In 2020, people experienced several emotional problems like anxiety, loneliness, and stress during the pandemic, so video games became a savior for them. Moreover, it's beneficial for young autistic kids to communicate better.

Video games allow players in critical thinking and thinking skills. Plus, degenerative patients use video games to improve their balance. Surprisingly, it helps surgeons to perform complex surgeries effectively. 

It boosts attention control and focuses power too. However, it's still unclear to which extent these video games benefit players. 

Concerts arise while playing video games:

Trigger Finger Issues

Gamers often complained about swelling and limited movement in their thumbs after playing for endless hours. This thumb is commonly known as the gamer’s thumb or play station thumb. The doctor noticed that the thumb became inflamed, resulting in constant pain and restricted motion. The doctor called this condition De Quatrain’s tenosynovitis. 

On the other hand, it's known as tenosynovitis when the finger becomes stuck and can’t move properly in a bent position. This abnormal condition is caused due to inflammation. Plus, tennis elbow painful inflammation also affects gamers badly.

Vision Strain Problem

We often see that video game lovers constantly complain about vision difficulties. Eye strain is the most common and first stage of damage video games cause. Players may experience continuous headaches, poor attention, and eyesight impairment too. Therefore, it is recommended that players should need to take breaks while playing games. 

Gaming Addiction

Excessive gaming habits can be caused severe medical issues in gamers in recent years. We can name this gaming addition an Internet gaming disorder(IGD). According to medical professionals, IGB disorder patients may experience 5 of the following criteria in their lives. 

1. Weak relationship with partners
2. Fail to control this obsession
3. Considering gaming as a mood reliever 
4. Loss of interest in outdoor activities
5. Psychological problems

Moreover, excessive gaming leads to sleep loss disorder, insomnia, depression, anger, anxiety, weak social life. However, experts believe that more research should be conducted to judge these behavioral issues' intensity. 

This is quite distressing that several teens and young adults are becoming more violent daily by playing these video games. It's so shocking how video games are making them emotionally weak.

Let’s sum up:

If you have a video game, mania, stop this right now. Dont let these video games overtake your life, relationship, and education. We strongly agree video games are fun and allow the players to learn and explore more, but the obsession causes massive destruction too. Balance your life, workout, and then a proper diet to keep your body and mind healthy.