Apple founder Steve Jobs gets immortalized in a manga series. The manga's creator Hatsuichi Matsunaga titles it as Steves, because Steve Wozniak is involved in the comic too. This might be an interesting read!

Produced by Ume, the two person team including writer Takahiro Ozawa and artist Asaka Seo will start the manga back when the two Steves were just a pair of unknowns working in Jobs' family garage.


The early chapters will show the struggles they faced in convincing the business establishments that their ideas are worth listening to.


Apple's early employees also get inked in the manga, including Mike Markkula, Randy Wigginton, Chris Espinosa, Dan Kottke, Jerry Manock, Rod Holt, and Jobs' younger sister Patty will make an appearance too.


As an entrepreneur, struggles are common, but this manga makes it look exciting.




And of course, there's Jobs' ultimate rival - Bill Gates.


Oh yeah!


The manga will be published twice a month, and can be ordered here.