If you take a look at the big names that appear in advertisements for mobile games, you'll know immediately that there is a ton of money to be made here. While so many of these games are so called 'free to play,' the industry around them is booming. And you will take notice.

A reason for this, could be the way that free-to-play, or freemium games, offer the player the ability to play the game for free, then decide whether to continue play.

This is a similar method used with  many sites, offer free games with the choice of using real money to gain real prizes, or in-game items. With mobile gaming providing revenues around $182.8 billion dollars, it is obvious that microtransactions has become the popular way to extend gameplay with these games.


Here are some very exciting ones to check out:


Instead of cars, you're racing snails. In Turbo Racing League you play Turbo, a snail with high-speed dreams. In the game you can customize your shell for optimal racing performance and compete on one of nine tracks.


An interesting take on gaming is the mobile phone casino game Fruity King. It is a mobile casino where they provide access to the most exciting games on multiple mobile platforms from iOS, Android, and even Windows devices. It's becoming one of the more popular choices by far, and one you should definitely check out.


Marvel: Avengers Alliance launched for iOS this week. It features 40 Marvel superheroes and 180 supervillains. Players create teams to battle one of the "deadliest foes the world has ever seen". The game is packed with more than 60 crime-fighting missions which can also be played on Facebook. In time, Disney wants to expand the game to add more levels, and bring the adventure to Android.


This is a new "Speed MOBA" launched by Zynga for the iPad and iPhone. The fast-paced three-on-three fighting game is different from Zynga's other mobile games. Players must destroy their enemy's base to win the game.

With the amount of money, the mobile gaming is making now, big companies  are taking notice and are rushing to grab a piece of the pie. Mobile gaming companies are being sold for billions, and with that amount of money being pumped into the industry, it will be a long time more before we see the momentum slowing down.