Even if marijuana has been legalized in some states and more people supporting the move, there are still others against it. Most of the people against its legalization have the impression that cannabis smokers are messy and other stereotypes. Cannabis, just like any other consumable thing has a lot of benefits as long as it is taken responsibly. 


A person leads a healthy lifestyle and can carry on with their normal life just like the person who doesn’t use cannabis. However, as the saying goes, too much of anything is poisonous. It is crucial to know how much to use and when to stop using cannabis. Read more to learn about the 4 golden rules of responsible use of cannabis.

1. Remain Sensitive of the Setting
Before you light up your roll, it is very crucial to remain sensitive about the setting. Cannabis users who are responsible are vigilant on where they use it, the time, and the mood. Therefore, learn to stop when you know the setting is not right. This includes minding about the people around. As a responsible user, you shouldn’t violate other people’s rights. Regardless of its legalization and many places like dispensary White Rock being able to sell non-medical weed, you must respect other people’s rights and some when it is necessary and safe. Never use or store cannabis near children.

2. No Driving While High on Marijuana
Driving while under the influence of drugs is one dangerous step that not only risks you but the people on the road too. Therefore, a responsible marijuana user cannot drive or operate any heavy machinery under the impairment of cannabis. Impaired drivers should stay off the road to ensure they do not cause accidents. Marijuana impairs your judgment especially when you take it in large amounts. Therefore, as a responsible consumer, do not take any marijuana if you know you will drive later.

3. Use with Moderation
Just like all the other drugs, using marijuana in moderation is vital to avoid unpleasant experiences. Avoid getting too high to a point where you cannot control what you do or say. The purpose of using marijuana should be to get to a relaxed zone that does not impair your ability to socialize or do things like walking, sex, eating, and more.

4. Take Caution with Edibles
Some people consume a lot of edibles since most of them are sweet. What most forget is that the edibles take long to digest, the same way it takes long before the effect. You should consume a small size of the edibles to avoid unpleasant experiences later. Too many edibles could have a high concentration of marijuana and one could end up in hospital. This can be fatal and may create the wrong images about marijuana consumers. The rule is to take caution when using edibles.

The Bottom Line
As much as people have the wrong stereotypes about marijuana, you have the role of proving them wrong by consuming it responsibly. Every time you use cannabis, make sure you use the right amount. Avoid indulging yourself in unpleasant behavior, and don’t drive while high on marijuana.