E-liquid manufacturers are popping up all over the world in 2017 because they’ve heard of the profit margins available in an e-cig industry that’s growing every minute. While some manufacturers settle for the basic flavours we’re all used to, many others are doing everything they can to ensure a quality taste that’s different from the rest. 


Many manufacturers tend to use the same ingredients, but they all specialise in adding something special to keep consumers coming back for more. What are e-liquid manufacturers doing in 2017 to stay competitive?

They Are Going Back to the Drawing Board

Creating amazing flavours for e-juices was pretty easy when the e-cigs industry first came about, but with stronger competition now, and with fewer ingredients to take advantage of, it means manufacturers need to go back to the drawing board. They are now looking at the statistics of the most popular flavours but, more importantly, they are taking the most successful flavours and they’re enhancing them with unique ingredients that weren’t available before. 

Manufacturers Are Bringing Flavours from Abroad

You only have to look at some of the best e-liquids like Earth Brother or Moose Milk to see what ingredients manufacturers are bringing to the table from afar. Normal ingredients like blueberries and apples are all common in a variety of flavours, but manufacturers are now adding spice ingredients and vegetable abstracts to give consumers a bit of variety. This means that the best e-liquid suppliers like VapersWarehouse (who offer unique pastry and sour flavours) are benefitting from more customers who are trying out different flavours they wouldn’t normally. 

Businesses Are Looking Towards Natural Flavoured Tobacco

Other manufacturers, however, are settling in nicely in the natural tobacco flavouring niche. Such a niche seems to provide the smooth tastes that many e-cig consumers crave. Natural tobacco is usually found in South American countries, but it’s still available in Asia and manufacturers are now making strides in researching new ingredients. Natural flavoured tobacco is obviously the go-to ingredient these days, purely because it means manufacturers needn’t worry about adding food colours and flavourings and the like to enhance the taste. 

Making Huge Investments in Research

Businesses are now spending hundreds of thousands on research and testing to see what unique flavours they can come up with. They know that if they can come up with a taste that’s different from the rest – they’re more than likely going to be sitting on a gold mine, especially now as the industry is growing further. 

Combining Old with the New

Some manufacturers are staying away from unique ingredients altogether, mainly because they feel old e-liquid products just need some tinkering to produce better tasting liquids. Some of the older liquids out there didn’t benefit from the inclusion of natural flavoured tobacco, so that’s something other manufacturers are looking at implementing to produce a liquid without food colourings. Some of the older flavours are still popular today, so with some slight tinkering, any manufacturer could enhance an established e-liquid even further. 

The variety of flavours and types of e-liquids available on the market are already in their thousands. The e-cig industry has more or less created another sub-industry that’s boosting sales even further thanks to more competition in e-liquids. While some e-liquids on the market aren’t necessarily taking off, it means manufacturers are taking advantage of the basic e-liquids and are combining them with other ingredients to give them a fresh taste. 

In conclusion, the e-liquid industry is growing just as quickly as the e-cig industry, and that guarantees more competition and better tasting e-liquids for consumers to take advantage of.