Car accidents happen very often regardless of how cars nowadays are designed to prevent accidents. These accidents happen despite all the design because of human mistakes and sometimes due to bad road conditions. Modern cars have collision sensors that prevent the car from an accidental collision and several other protective features are present in a car. So, for an accident to happen the driver has to be faulty or sometimes it is no one’s fault essentially because accidents happen.


Despite these personal injury can happen due to a car accident and there are ways to get compensated by making a legal case against the person if it was his or her fault in the first place. We should not get into a car with someone we don’t trust behind the wheel because even if there are ways to get compensated for personal injury, the injuries still hurt and sometimes even cause severe damages. We will talk about what measures one must take to be safe in a car and what to do if they suffer from damage due to an accident for which a lousy driver can be blamed.

Safety measures in a car:

It is important to remember all the safety measures one should take after they get into a car. If someone was not taking any safety measures while in care then they are just calling for personal injuries if there is an accident. Also, in this case, you cannot get compensated because to some extent it was your fault for not being prepared for any number of accidents that can occur on the road. So, to prepare a lawsuit you will have to make sure that you are steering clearly at your end

Several preventive measures one must take while in a car are putting the seat belt on when in the front seat and for anyone below 12 years of age must put on the seat belt no matter where they sit in a car. Make sure if a child is traveling with you who is less than 60lbs, that they are tied up on the child safety seat. The law of wearing a seatbelt is the first thing that will be considered during a personal injury lawsuit against the driver of the car. So if you weren’t safe because of your ignorance you will not be compensated.

Types of car accidents:

There are several ways that two vehicles can collide and cause injuries and property damages. Given below are a few different types of single and multi-car accidents.

Rear-end accidents:
These accidents are caused due to the inattention of the driver in the rear car. The rear car usually collides to the rear end of another car. This is the most common type of accident in high traffic.

Head-on collision:

This a severe accident caused by the colliding of two cars traveling in the opposite direction. These collisions usually cause severe or sometimes fatal injuries.

Broadside road crashes:

These are usually called “T-bone” accidents. This happens due to the ignorance of the driver of one vehicle that misses the stop sign at a crossroad and collides into the side panel of another vehicle.

Sideswipe accidents:

This is the type where two cars traveling side by side collide to each other due to distracted driving or aggressive attempts of overtaking.

Rollover crashes:

Older models of the SUVs tend to roll over while taking a rash turn. If the passengers in the car are not retrained it can cause them to get ejected from the car causing injuries and death.

Single car accidents:

This happens due to the inattention of the driver of a car. These accidents take place if the car drifts or if the driver loses control of the car and crashes.


So, one must make sure to be attentive while driving because it’s a responsibility and avoid accidents but if there is an accident and it was the driver's fault, one must launch a lawsuit against them.