Everytime a rider gets on the back of his/her motorcycle and hits the road they are at immense risk. Even if they are at their attentive best and all their focus is on the road they can meet with an accident because someone else wasn’t paying enough attention. 


There are a host of scenarios that can cause an accident. A driver may lose focus for just a second and a motorcycle rider can be injured because of that moment’s mistake. They may claim to have not seen the motorcycle at all. So, the risk is always slightly higher for motorcycle riders as they are not as easy to spot as someone who is driving a car. Therefore, motorcycle accidents are more common. Read on to find out more about motorcycle accidents. 

How common are motorcycle accidents?
Fatalities from motorcycle accidents are quite common and in a large number of these accidents the motorcycle rider was found to have consumed alcohol before riding. Errors on part of the riders are another leading cause of motorcycle accident. Lack of proper protective gear has caused more grievous injuries which could be avoided if the riders used proper rider safety gear.

What causes motorcycle accidents? 
Motorcycles are smaller so they are more difficult to spot by others on busy, traffic packed roads. Often, other drivers may not notice a motorcycle. This is one of the foremost reasons for motorcycle accidents.

Consumption of alcohol by motorcycle riders is another huge contributor to the increasing instances of motorcycle accidents. Riding while drunk can be fatal not only for the rider but for others driving on the same roads. 

Bad roads may also cause motorcycles to skid or topple over or lose control of their motorcycle. This can be especially dangerous if the road has more vehicles going at high speeds. 

Drivers and other motorcycle riders may crash into the rear end of a motorcycle if they are following too closely.

If caution is not maintained while changing lanes then drivers may crash into motorcycle riders in their blind spot.

If a passenger in a parked car opens the door without checking for oncoming vehicles then a motorcycle rider may crash into the door causing a bad accident. 

Cars and other vehicles turning left at intersections and ending up in the path of motorcycles can cause crashes which may leave both parties badly injured.

What are the types of injuries that riders suffer in motorcycle accidents? 
Road rash from a rider’s scraping on the roads is probably the smallest injury that riders can suffer in motorcycle accidents. Injuries of the brain and spinal cord are very common in motorcycle accidents. Riders may also break their bones as a result of falls during a motorcycle accident. 

Such crashes may cause gas tanks to burst and fires may be lit because of sparks. This may cause the rider to suffer from burns. Injuries to the face and head can be prevented with the use of a proper helmet while riding. 

Proper riding gear and boots may take the brunt of a fall and prevent injuries from becoming severe. So, it is advisable to wear proper riding gear while riding.

To Conclude
While there is no guarantee that taking a certain step can help prevent motorcycle accidents but it is always advisable to take necessary precautions while taking a motorcycle ride. Riding gear is a must and care must be taken to see that no narcotics are used or alcohol is consumed just before a ride. After all, an accident not only endangers a rider’s life but also the others who may be present on the road at the time.