Staying safe on the road is very important due to the uncertainty and dangers involved. More than 80% of motorcycle accidents result in either injuries or even death of the riders. There are a great number of reasons that increase the chances of such instances. 


Most people don’t take it seriously, but even a small crack on the road can cause the bike to slip. In this post, we are going to give a few tips following which accidents while riding a bike can be avoided. 

1. Proper Gears
Always wear high-quality gears made using thick material for getting protection from the injuries caused by accident. Use gloves and durable shoes for covering the ankle properly. You can even think about investing money in extra layers of gears if there is cold outside. 

2. Slowing Down
A common reason for accidents is driving at a pretty high speed, even on turns. Many riders get panic & hit the brake very hard that disrupts the balance of the bike. It is strongly suggested to never drive above the speed limit for the sake of your safety, especially on the turns. 

3. Don’t Drink & Drive
A leading reason for the motorcycle crash is driving under the influence. You can have a significant level of reduction in the reaction time after taking alcohol that can cause the accident. So, riding a motorcycle after having above limit levels of alcohol may disrupt your balance on the road.

4. Regular Maintenance
If you keep the bike in excellent condition, then there will be very low chances of motorcycle accidents for sure. The thing we want to tell the readers is you can maintain your health by maintaining the bike properly. Always perform regular servicing on bike components like brakes, headlamps, tires, and engines among others. 

5. Look for Hazards
A biker should have an eagle eye on the road and nearby surroundings while driving to avoid any mishappening. No matter, it is road hazards or pedestrians or fellow vehicles, always look at what is near you. Giving close attention to all these things will allow you to identify the obstacles and drive safely easily. 

6. Avoiding Bad Weather
Don’t try to challenge Mother Nature unless it is too important. Driving a bike during an extreme rainy or snow season results in increasing the chances of accidents, and that’s why we suggest avoiding driving in such a condition. Also, please have the necessary gear if you have to ride in these circumstances. 

7. Not Sharing Lane with Other Cars
A pretty common risk that a great number of motorcycle riders take on the road is sharing a lane with other cars. The reason behind that is car drivers don’t expect that a two-wheeler rider will share a lane with them. The thing we want to say here is you can avoid accidents by not sharing a lane with a car. 

8. Enters Corners Too Fast
You will agree that most riders take too fast turns on the corners that invite motorcycle accidents. We suggest riding with a speed that you can control while entering the corners. Also, never whack on the brakes because it can result in traction loss that should be avoided as much as possible. 

There is a long list of facts that motorcycle riders need to keep in mind on the road. We have mentioned the main ones due to which most accidents happen. No matter how much experience you have, we suggest driving safely on the road with proper precautions. Stay safe & keep the others safe by driving carefully.