Tired of sending out stuff like math equations and whatever boring information you can think of of our human species, scientists are resorting to communicating with aliens via Internet porn. That's right. A plan to blast all the smut we have for alien-enjoyment is in the works.

They will do this with a powerful laser. It would take a handful of days to shoot all the naughty shit we have into space.


Director of SETI, Seth Shostak proposed that we should rethink our ways of communicating with aliens, so they're trying this.


He then says this:

A deliberate transmission should represent all of humanity — not short-circuit the important question of who will speak for Earth.

For example, we could transmit the contents of the Internet. Such a large corpus — with its text, pictures, videos and sounds — would allow clever extraterrestrials to decipher much about our society, and even formulate questions that could be answered with the material in hand. Sending the web on its way would take months if a radio transmitter were used. A powerful laser, conveying bits much like an optical fiber, could launch these data in a few days.

So everyone. Be prepared, because aliens are definitely coming to Earth sooner than you think.