Old is gold, and Drake managed to give an old vintage Apple jacket a valuation bump by wearing it when he took the stage at the Apple WWDC event yesterday to talk about Apple Music. The vintage wool jacket worn by Drake is emblazoned with Apple's old logo - a rainbow-colored apple, and has caused a social media uproar around where to acquire it.

An eBay seller now claims he bought two of it at an auction in Canada and one of it was sold last mont for $825. He believes someone in Drake's entouage bought the jacket for him. He told Complex:

Haha I guess someone bought it for Drake to wear. It sold to someone in California. Looks like the exact same one. For the past year I’ve been checking eBay and have never found the same one.. so that must be it.

Drake even joked that he bought the jacket "using a tool called the internet."


Now, Jake is cashing in on the attention, by selling his second Apple jacket. The auction bid has risen up to $10,000.


Here's his description of it:

LAST ONE AVAILABLE. Possibly only 2 of a kind. Up for sale is the IDENTICAL jacket worn by Drake at WWDC, but in even BETTER CONDITION. Appears to have little to no use. Bought both at an auction, this rare Apple Computers jacket varsity/baseball style jacket was given to Apple employees, at the time of the ‘rainbow’ logo. This is a true APPLE classic and a rare piece of history.