Seems like the project, which has gone through multiple false starts since 2008, has finally been given a start-date for construction. But there are still plenty of unanswered questions surrounding the Kingdom Tower.

Main issues have to do with how living at 3,000 feet will affect humans, or if the elevators inside the building will actually work given that the current weight of elevator cable makes it impossible to support above roughly 2,000 feet.

In an interview with Bloomberg, the architects designing the tower only had this to say about the project:
There may be a limit to the rapid change in height the inner ear can stand. At extreme heights, an elevator might need to be designed to go slower than one might want, or to rest at a middle floor. But that's not something condo buyers are likely to favor. Asked if he's ever worried about the discovery of an unforeseen challenge or phenomenon only after a tower has topped out, Gill smiles, pauses, and says simply: "Yeah."
Be honest, would you actually want to live so high up in the sky? You can read the rest about the project over at Business Week