Modern architecture is getting more and more interesting. Designers are becoming more creative, maximizing homes and its surroundings to create the best space for its inhabitants.

Homes which employ minimalist aesthetics always leave viewers in awe, and a particularly modern trend is the use of mirrors and glass to create transparency and sleek edges to accentuate environment, interior, and structure:

1. The Mirror Home: It almost looks as if the house isn't there.


2. The Glass House by Philip Johnson, a landmark in New Caanan, Connecticut and a monumental symbol of glass design.


3. Ring House by Makoto Takei & Chie Nabeshima in Karuizawa, Japan gives the owners a stunning panoramic view!


4. A glass house made using salvaged windows in Christiana, Copenhagen, wasn't made by architects, but instead by everyday, normal people.


5. The Farnsworth House is a weekend retreat built in between 1945-1951 by Ludwig Mies van de Rohe set in rural Illinois and widely considered one of the cornerstone feats of modern design.


6. The Maison de Verre in Paris, France is an incredible example of early modern architecture with an industrial twist.


7. A lush glass house called House IV located in Eindhoven, Netherlands by De Bever Architecten.