Could the future of cities be moveable? It's a radical concept. This one here is from architecture student Manuel Dominguez called Very Large Structure.

It stretches the length of five football fields and is nearly 600 feet tall. In the concept, the city would follow a schedule throughout the year and travel to different places based on the needs of the city. It would be powered by solar panels, wind turbines and hydrogen to provide renewable energy.


While it sounds very futuristic dystopian like, the technology to create such a structure might exist.

"Even though I'm very attracted to science fiction and utopical and distopical architecture and urbanism, I was more interested in investigating real-life technology that has already been tested, working, and available since the 1960s," Dominguez says.



But while it may be feasible, the lack of land might prove to be a true barrier. But Dominguez thinks that the elements of the idea could eventually be used in other ways - in buildings or cities and how they are built and how it manages energy and waste.

A very interesting concept indeed.