Why do so many people cheat after they get married? We think it might be because not enough people say goodbye to single life. After all, you will be giving up a whole lifestyle that you might have grown accustomed to in your youth. It’s hard to just let that go without a proper send off. That’s why it’s worrying that so many people are dismissing the idea of a bachelor party completely. Hardly anyone has a bachelor party on the day before their wedding anymore. Possibly because they’re worried it could turn into one of the biggest mistakes of their life.


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But you shouldn’t let the horror stories put you off. If you’re about to get married, you need to make sure your best man throws you a kick ass party to send you into married life.

Invite Everyone

If you’re having a proper goodbye all the guys you’ve grown up with need to be invited. Even the ones that have been known for getting you into trouble. You know the ones we mean so don’t leave them off your invite list. They might be the people who make this party a night you’ll never forget.

Don’t Settle For Small

Your bachelor party shouldn’t be a small occasion. It should be as big and as extravagant as the wedding your fiance has been planning for several months. You need to do everything you can to make sure it’s absolutely amazing. We’d start by buying an awesome ride. If you have a look at  http://www.americanlimousinesales.com, they’ve got some super cool custom party busses.  They are perfect for the last great party of your life. Ride around in one of these, picking up new people as you hit each club and bar. It’s going to be an incredible night and you want to start it off by getting in the right ride. Besides, we all know you’re not going to be driving yourself home after a night like this. So, you can think about it as a safety precaution if it makes you feel better.

Choose An Incredible Location


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Obviously the classic location for a bachelor is Vegas. But you could also choose a place from your youth. Basically, it should be anywhere that you know will provide you with a wild night of entertainment. Remember what we said about thinking big? If you have the cash by all means, head to America’s playground and make a splash. We’re sure you’ll have some stories that you’ll never be able to share with your future wife when you get back. Have a look at https://vegaspoolseason.com to plan a bachelor party in Vegas.


Of course we think we know the big reason people have stopped throwing bachelor parties. What’s too far? What counts as cheating? Remember, on your bachelor party you’re not actually single, you’re just not married. So should you have strippers or any of the other entertainment that might be pushing the line too far? We can’t answer that for you, and the truth is it’s not really your decision. Leave it up to your best man to make the call. After all, they’d never steer you wrong, would they?


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