Since the beginning of active urbanization and the appearance of multistorey buildings, there is a dispute about what is better – a flat or a private house? We believe that this choice should be individual for every family, so let's consider some general points together. 

How to Compare?

A simple comparison of private housing with an apartment will not help you define what is better. The differences between these two types of residential real estate are so significant that such matching may seem incorrect. Therefore, if choosing where to settle, one should rely on some general aspects that each of us would like to see in our home. People start to ask various questions from “How can I stage my house?” to “How can I visualize my dwelling”. However, these questions are not really significant before you make a concrete choice. So, among the important evaluation criteria we consider the following:

Enough space for the whole family to spend time, so that each member would have a separate private area.
The state of the environment at the location of the premises: this is one of the most important factors for modern cities, especially with the developed industry.
The level of infrastructure development: kindergartens and schools, shops and pharmacies, medical institutions and entertainment facilities.
Security level at the place of residence, as well as on the way to and from work.

These are only the main aspects of the choice that help determine which is better, a house or an apartment, and everyone can add their personal requirements and preferences to this list, based on their own idea of comfortable housing.

Each Has Good Sides

The undoubted advantages of living in a house comparing with a flat are:

The opportunity to spend more time outdoors, which is important if your family has small children.
Real possibilities for expanding housing by adding a veranda, a living room or even another floor.
Isolation from neighbors: in a private area you will not be awakened by their loud quarrels or the sound of a drill turned on in the morning.

Meanwhile, the positive sides of the apartments are:

The proximity of social, commercial, and transport infrastructure;
Lower repair costs because you don't have to regularly refresh the exterior walls or repair the fence;
Better security conditions, especially in dwellings equipped with intercoms and concierge services.

In Conclusion

The reasons why people choose various places for a living can be different: fatigue from city hustle and bustle, a desire to provide more space for the development of children, or a will to have a more active social life. Some want to own and cultivate their land, while others do not like agricultural activities and consider dwelling as a resting place after a hard day.

What is your motivation to choose an apartment or a private house? Feel free to share your ideas in comments.