One of the biggest setbacks in the transportation industry was travel restrictions, both domestic and international after the Covid-19 breakout. If you are planning a trip to Bangkok, it is important to take note of the restrictions in the country which are in three phases. Depending on your reasons for travel, the dates can vary. T

he first phase is for you if you have family in Thai, traveling for business, or if you are a skilled worker, teacher, or investor. The second phase is for medical tourism travels and the last for tourists. The third phase will start on 1st August while the first and the second started on 1st July. 


Bangkok is one of the most visited destinations in the world thanks to the beautiful sceneries and amazing tourist attractions. So if you were planning to visit Bangkok this year, you can now start making your travel plans because the travel restrictions were lifted. And while planning for your trip to Bangkok, the following are some of the things to do while there.

Visit Chinatown
Most big towns have a Chinatown, and this also includes Thailand’s capital, Bangkok. While businesses are slowly opening up, a good place to visit while in the city is Chinatown, where you can indulge in different Chinese delicacies. You will also likely get nice souvenirs and it is also known as the best place to buy gold. 

Enjoy the nightlife
It’s never a dull moment in Bangkok, and that includes both day and night. When you are done exploring different places and excursions during the day, plan to experience the Bangkok Nightlife as well. Whether you want to enjoy different delectable street foods before hopping from one club to the other or you want to have a few beers and make new friends on one of the scenic rooftop bars, the options are endless.

Walk through Lumpini Park
When done with your excursion in the morning and don’t know what else to do, you can go for a walk in the evening at Lumpini Park. You can even go there in the morning if not right before the sun sets because those are the best times to visit the park. The view is awesome and you will get to interact with other people through different activities there. 

Go for Thai massage
Thai massage is one of the most popular things to do when in Thailand, and you have probably heard of it before or know of a local in your place where it is offered. This is a must-do thing when you visit Bangkok, and the good thing is that you will find different parlors since it is native to the country. 

Take away
The list of things you can do is endless, but with some places, things might be different from how they were before the pandemic. Always plan ahead to avoid last-minute rushes whether you are visiting for work or leisure. While every trip and place you visit is an adventure, it is important to inquire about the COVID-19 protocols that are in place when visiting different places as a preventative measure.