Headlines like this don't appear everyday, so when we saw something like that, we immediately stopped to take notice. According to reports, a 30-year-old woman in Hong Kong, was found guilty of assaulting a police officer using her breasts during  a March 1 protest.

How do you assault another person with breasts? Like this: ?


The last we checked, boobs weren't weapons of choice.


At least, not in the violent manner that is:


But movies have went on to help us imagine things.


Some of them could cause serious harm.


Ng Lai-Ling, the woman, claimed that an officer copped a feel of her left breast while reaching for the strap of her bag. She then shouted "indecent assault!"


Except, the courts ruled in the officer's favor, who said it was Ng who bumped into his upper right arm with her breasts and that she made a fake accusation.


Also, it was strange that Ng would only file a complaint for her bleeding, after she was allegedly pushed to the ground by police, and not a sexual assault.


Either way, breasts may be more dangerous that we thought.