All kinds of crazy trends happen on a weekly basis. The latest to hit Chinese social media is another version of the 'boob test.' Chinese girls are using this test to find out if they're 'true women.' It just requires a pencil.

The pictures are posted to the hashtag #carrypenunderbreast and it shows the lower half of their breast with pens underneath them.

If the pen stays, you're a "real woman."


If it falls, don't post it online, I suppose? Don't worry, you're still a real woman.


The trend didn't take long for a lot of people to try it out.


Some were braggy, using larger objects.


I guess if you can fit something like a bottle, you're more woman than anything else?

Either way, this test isn't going to prove anything. It just proves you've got a heavy chest. That's all. Don't worry.