Cartoons right now are very different from cartoons back then. In the 60s and 70s we were treated to adventure, action and most importantly, acceptable-violence. Which by the way, shouldn't really be acceptable at all. Check out the 12 cartoons of the past that were just way too violent:

1. Tom and Jerry


Humor based on pain, attack and revenge, senseless violence, the list goes on. There's pretty much no episode that didn't show some hurt.

2. The Heckle and Jeckle Show


Constant arguing with foes, it taught one important thing: winning isn't everything. But there was a lot of animosity in the air, which was supposedly found funny.

3. Popeye


Eating vegetables and then bashing up your love-competitor isn't the kind of message you want to send to kids. Of course, the whole part about eating your vegetables is a healthy thing is a good message nonetheless, but the whole beating up people isn't.

4. Pixie and Dixie


Like Tom and Jerry, except there are two Jerrys here. Lots of violence, lots of almost-death situations. Sometimes there were tender moments, but with statements like "I hate those meeces to pieces" coming out of Mr. Jinks, it's clear that this isn't a very friendly show in today's standards.

5. Bugs Bunny Show


Bugs Bunny, always avoiding capture and traps, but he was a cunning fella too this one. He also resorted to violent tricks when necessary, and poor old Elmer Fudd seem to always be at the receiving end of hurt.

6. Road Runner


The neverending chase always sees Coyote ending up in some seriously painful injuries while trying to catch Road Runner. The show never tells us why Coyote is so obsessed with killing the Road Runner, but after all the hurt it's been through, it may just be on the topic of...revenge?

7. The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show


Boris and Natasha Fatale were always primed and ready to kill "moose and squirrel", but they never succeed. Bad guys just never get their time in the sun, which is actually quite a good message though.

8. Quick Draw McGraw


While this wasn't completely violent, there was a lot of killing of bad guys, sometimes they were arrrested, sometimes they were clobbered and then killed without a trial.

9. Touche Turtle and Dum Dum


There were lots of fights, but they looked friendly enough, The villains on the other hand, seem to depict them as of international decent. A tad...racists?

10. Fractured Fairy Tales


If you only knew the origins of fairy tales and what the original versions were like, then you wouldn't be so surprised with them. These ones however were perfect parodies on the real fairy tale version but with a brutal, and hilarious twist.

11. Casper


First, ghosts aren't real, and something truly terrible must have happened to Casper for him to be "this young and a ghost at the same time."

12. Sylvester and Tweety


Like a version of Tom and Jerry, except replace Jerry with Tweety, this series is also all too violent. First, it's not okay to hit someone with a hammer, or endure all the injuries Sylvester goes through. It just isn't!