Want to increase your chances in online dating? Then you'll need to know that it's all about timing. You don't even need to have the perfect photo, or the perfect bio. Timing is more important than anything else.


Nielsen Canada started tracking app usage habits, and they’ve taken a look at how we’re using Tinder and OKCupid.


They found that 9pm is the sweetspot for swiping on Tinder. That’s when most people are evaluating their matches.


9pm is when you should be on there and not an hour later, as there’s a significant drop off after that.


The start of the workday, and the commute home, or happy hour to dinnertime are other peak periods.


Worst time to be online looking for love, is actually between 2am and 5am.


With OKCupid, the best times are between 8am and 10am, which suggests you’re hoping your crush messaged you back overnight, or you’re looking to set up a nice date, later that evening.


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