So, finally, you will meet with a girl with whom you are so comfortable to communicate. But then there is a panic – where to go on the first date? To facilitate your preparation for your first date, we present some original ideas for the first dates. They will help you get to know each other and really get closer. 


1.      Amusement park
In such places, the atmosphere is always disposed to fool around regardless of age. Eat ice cream, sugar candy or fast food – in general, anything that pleases. Enjoy street music and heat emotions on a roller coaster or trampolines and bungee jumping. A drop of risk never hurts. By the way, maybe would you like to try one of the best Ukrainian dating sites and find a soulmate there?

2.      Quest room
Yes, not everyone likes it. But the process really brings together. Quest rooms are focused on the joint solution of tasks and allow a man to show his mind, wit, and determination. And a girl will have a chance to see how you work in unusual situations because the conditions and circumstances of a quest can be the most unusual.

3.      Horseback riding
Horseback riding is often used as an anti-stress therapy. If the work week is not the easiest one, it can save you from stress well. If you don’t complain about anything, you can just actively ride, talk, and look at landscapes. When bored or sad, it takes 15-30 minutes to ride to regain a good mood.

4.      Unusual Restaurant
Go to a restaurant, but it shouldn’t be the one you’re used to going to. Go to a completely new one. Look for what is interesting and surprising in your city – it can relate not only to the cuisine but also to the concept. It can be a molecular cuisine, for example, or a restaurant where you can eat in absolute darkness, a cozy cafe on the roof of a residential building. Just google, there are lots of options and each of them will definitely be unforgettable. Here is the option for the weekend – go to a special ranch outside the city with a restaurant and spend the night there. By the way, if you never cooked by yourself, then make a homemade dinner. Your future girlfriend will be surprised and grateful (especially if it’s delicious).

5.      Photoshoot
Yes, not everyone likes to be photographed. But if you can correctly speak with a girl, you will be able to know exactly what she thinks about this. Get an old Polaroid somewhere and take a series of creative photos. At least, you will enjoy the process. Beautiful joint pictures can be uploaded not only on Instagram. You can print them, create albums, interior collages. Many girls are simply pleased to do it. So, why not?

6.      Joint spa
Massage, aromatherapy, Jacuzzi, swimming pool or sauna – choose anything. But this is not the most successful option for the first date. This is just a great opportunity to relax together and not think about anything. And your woman will be immensely grateful to you that you help relieve tension. This is one of the most valuable qualities in a relationship. And, it is likely that she will answer you with the same.

7.      Lounge bar
Have you just started relationships? Are you very interesting together and want to talk a lot? This is one of the most successful locations. There is a calm music, few people, and, usually, semi-darkness. You need to find a place where it is very cozy, comfortable sofas, and live fire. Such conditions have a relaxed atmosphere and you will feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

8.      Flight on an airplane
Many men dream to try themselves in the role of real pilots. What hinders you to surprise your girl? An instructor will always tell you what and how to do. You will feel courageous, strong, and almost a hero while a girl will just admire the scenery.