Of course, you can always get online and find more than a handful of dating sites, Russian brides, mail order brides, and more. But why do that when you could develop a steady and strong relationship with someone overseas that is Asian? 


While we’re not knocking other methods if they’re right up your alley, there are actually plenty of American men who are of Asian descent who are looking for love, and while they’re not the only ones who are (plenty of American men look to date Asian women too), they have a higher chance of striking out when it comes to finding an Asian bride-to-be here in America. Actually, they generally have a harder time finding love in general. 

Are Asian Dating Sites Best for finding Asian Women?
The truth is yes. This is why many of men for starters actually look for the best Asian dating websites, which are few and far between. There are only a handful out there, because of Asia’s strict rules when it comes to these things. In this list, we’ve put together the best online Asian dating sites out there for you to help you find love.

1. Asian Dating – Asiandating.com is one of the most prominent sites out there and have women from literally all over. It is about the equivalent of Match for Asian dating sites out there, as it’s one of the oldest existing ones, and there have been numerous success stories to go by. There are a ton of women on there, from Vietnam, to the Philippines, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and more. If you’re looking for them, this is the first place you may want to look as it has the highest user base.

2. FilipinoCupid.com – This website features mostly women from the Philippines, and has a good handful of successful stories of western men (and Eastern turned Western men) finding love. Think of it like the eHarmony for Asian dating sites – with over 3 million users, you can see why.

3. Thaicupid.com - Thailand has a little over a million users on this website, and it’s a lot more dedicated for women from Thailand to meet men. 

Note: Don’t message or respond to anyone in Pattaya and Phuket, or anyone asking for money. Don’t report them, just don’t answer them.

4. Japancupid.com – This site is dedicated mostly for Japanese women. More than half the users are women, and you can literally find anyone to talk to. I highly suggest that you be patient with some of them though, because they more than likely don’t speak English that well. If anything, you can help teach them!

There are literally only a few dating sites out there for men that are primarily Asian women. That being said, it’s really hard unless you actually go overseas to otherwise find a woman that you can make yours, but it’s not impossible to find love. If you don’t know anything about Eastern culture, then these sites probably aren’t for you, especially if you’re not willing to learn, or help learn some of their language as well. Don’t expect to just get right into their pants (even online either). Asian people have generally higher standards than even we do, and stricter rules, so it’s important that you respect their beliefs and get to know them well first.